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Summary: Get me out of here

Gill Anderson - NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: 10

Group: The Graveyard

Home District

The Sprawl


Street Urchin and all round trouble maker

Special Skills

Pick pocketing

Physical Appearance

Blue eyes, brown hair, always dirty and dressed in rags.

Personality and interests

Gill is a true entrepreneur, he seeks out adventure and profit and often finds them. He is fearless for his age and loves stories about Elesium and the Delve.


Gill was born in the Sprawl tenements and his father died at a young age due to an accident in the Steamworks Foundry. This left him being brought up by his mother alone and she was forced to work in the Foundry herself to pay the rent and put food on the table. Mostly Gill is forced to fend for himself.

Loves and Hates...

Loves hot food

Hates Grubbers, they killed his Pa.

Darkest Secret

He stole a picture of his father from his mother and keeps it hidden in his shoe.

Posting Frequency

See Eli..

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Image of Gill Anderson - NPC
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