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Summary: People only worry when they are wrong

Inspector (Randall) Oaks - NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: 48

Group: Non Player Characters

Home District

The Sprawl


Sergeant of the City watch

Special Skills

Hand to Hand combat

Physical Appearance

Randall Oaks is a tall and imposing man with a heavy set build. He has grey blue eyes and dark blonde hair, slowly turning to grey. A once nasty scar still ghosts the right side of his face and he is missing the little finger on his left hand.

Personality and interests

Sergeant Oaks lives for the watch. He believes that Dusk can be a better place and that the rule of law is the way that is will get there. He is a fair man, but stubborn to a fault. He will never take a bribe and would give his last penny to help out a troubled soul. In fact he did which was the reason his wife left him taking the kids with her, that and the work. She hated the work.
Outside of work Oaks is an wanna be inventor.


Oak was born and raised in the Sprawl. He joined the watch and left home as soon as he could to escape his brute of a father. He is known for being one of the most dedicated men on the force but has not risen beyond the rank of Sergeant due to his inability to compromise with the shadier side of the City.

Loves and Hates...

Loves cats and big guns

Hates crime

Darkest Secret

He just let a suspect go.

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Image of Inspector (Randall) Oaks - NPC
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