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Connor Lewis

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Delve

Home District

Rose District



Special Skills

Usually doesn't have to cheat and only does when he's losing horribly, he is incredibly deft with the cards and can easily cheat without getting caught. This also make his short movements very quick; making him quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat with a knife - he keeps one up both sleeves on spring mounts, and at throwing small objects - he keeps a deck of thin, metal cards on hand for just this reason.

Physical Appearance

Dark clothes - he pays to have his clothes cleaned as often as possible
Dark spectacles
Navy vest
Dark features

Personality and interests

Winning... doesn't care who loses in the process.

He has a soft side for the ladies and not the 'ladies of the night' or 'soiled doves' from the saloons he frequents, but for the poor and quietly beautiful ones.


An apprentice in a printing shop as a child, he became adept at moving quickly doing type setting. As he was about to age out of apprenticeship, the shop caught fire and burned to the ground. No one knew who he was, so he started a new life when his old one burned away.

Always seeing the finer things of life from a distance, he wants it all for himself now. Just before the fire started he was about to steam iron his employers new suit - something very nice and the one he wears today. Having salvaged that suit and the register from the fire, he had enough to start on his own.

Loves and Hates...

Loves fine foods and winning at cards.

Hates to lose.

Darkest Secret

Tells everyone he's the bastard son of someone famous from long ago to add an air of swanky nobility to his presence. Doesn't want others to know he's just some street urchin who got 'lucky' when the place he worked burned down and he swiped a few goods from the fire which everyone assumed burnt to a crisp.

Posting Frequency

Weekly, maybe more.

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Image of Connor Lewis
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