Image of First Citizen Josiah Hazard - NPC

Summary: Let me explain to you exactly what you will do next...

First Citizen Josiah Hazard - NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: The Graveyard

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Politician - First Citizen

Special Skills

Public Speaking
Negotiation and political manipulation
Lightweight Boxer - he just loves the blood

Physical Appearance

Dark brushed back hair and keen blue eyes.

Personality and interests

Narcissist with a viscous streak, hidden beneath layers of carefully constructed charm and misdirection. He is the ultimate product of the system and he will stop at nothing to keep it just that way it is.

He cares for his two hounds and keeps a stables with several rare breed horses. He likes to shoot for sport and fully indulges in the fine food and entertainment of Highholm society.


Josiah was born in the Sprawl the youngest of three children. his mother was a factory worker and his father was a conscript in the city militia and was severely wounded in a Steamworks riot.

Little is known of his education but he did learn to box as a young boy and became something of a local celebrity under the name 'the Tornado' He still maintains his boxing until this day.

He became embroiled in the Rose District gang culture in his late teens and started to become interested in the politics of the city. Seeing that he was a charismatic figure the Clockwork king recruited him for something special.

Josiah found himself planted in the government security forces where he could do favours for his criminal sponsors. In turn they aided his efforts to climb socially and made the memory of Josiah the sprawl brat disappear from the local community.

Josiah eventually became High Inquisitor and from there took a position in the City Council. He rise became meteoric and with the help of his friends he managed to win (or perhaps rig) an election to become First Citizen.

Loves and Hates...

Loves himself

Hates to be wrong

Darkest Secret

He was born in the Sprawl and made a deal with the criminal underworld that saw him rise to prominence in the city.

Posting Frequency

As required

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Image of First Citizen Josiah Hazard - NPC
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