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Summary: Workers of Dusk unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains.

Ezekiel Tinker - NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: 52

Group: The Graveyard

Home District

East Twins


Teacher, historian, political theorist and journalist.

Special Skills

Ezekiel is a natural born orator and extremely charismatic. His powers of debate and persuasion are second to none. Very few in Dusk know more about the city's history.

Physical Appearance

Average height and weight. Long shabby grey hair and a bushy bear.

Personality and interests

History, politics, social change.


Ezekiel was born in East Twins to a reasonably wealthy family. His father was the Chief Naval Steamsmith to the Militia Airships and his mother a very reputable Alchepharmacist.
He was given the best education money and status can afford in Dusk. He graduated top of his academic year and was offered a History teaching role at a very young age at Ironhallow University.

Growing up near The Steamworks and so close to the industrial heart of Dusk shaped his views of society and the denizens of the Dark City. He truly believes that if Mankind is to continue existing, urgent social change is needed.

He founded the Crimson Crew aka Red Crew a decade ago and slowly but surely has spread his tenets thought the fabric of the working class.
Currently he is working on a Right's Chart to deliver to First Citizen Josiah Hazard and the Council of Dusk calling for universal suffrage for men, equal electoral districts, voting by secret ballot, abolition of property and annual general elections and increase conditions to workers across Dusk.

Mentor to Enoch Solomon.

Loves and Hates...

He loves teaching and debating.

Hates the sinking pit Dusk is.

Darkest Secret

Ezekiel to addicted to Ozone Runes. A smoking mind altering chemical that is infused with Flagesium.

No one apart from a select few know he is the leader of the revolutionary faction.

Posting Frequency

We'll see. ;-)

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Image of Ezekiel Tinker - NPC
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