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Summary: I made every choice on my own.

Westley Corbet - NPC

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: Dusk

Home District

East Twins


Professor of Science and Literature

Special Skills

Fairly Intelligent
Familiar with guns and the drugs running about the city

Physical Appearance

Brown hair
Blue eyes
Clean Shaven
Occasionally wears reading glasses

Personality and interests

Teaching the youth how to become a better generation and save Dusk from being corrupt. In his free time he loves reading, operas, plays, anything with story.


The Corbet's run a highly productive textile factory as a family business. Westley being the youngest of the brothers, David was promised almost everything as he was favored. Westley always wanted to understand the unknown and complex and had a passion for inspiring others, opposite his brother. He's stuck to that as his main goal and he is well aware of the risks at hand.

Loves and Hates...

Loves Stella and equality

Hates the Council

Darkest Secret

Ran with a bad crew in Rose District during his younger years.

Posting Frequency

*see Stella*

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Image of Westley Corbet - NPC
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