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Summary: Don't trust a man without vices!

Cyrus Anvil

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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: The Graveyard

Home District

Rose District


Business owner

Special Skills

Financial acumen

Physical Appearance

Very tall with a heavy frame. Bald, black eyes. Huge hands.

Personality and interests

There's plenty to say about Cyrus Anvil, but the fact he's unfriendly and power-hungry is just the tip of the iceberg. That's without even stating he's also cruel, vindictive and inconsiderate, but he is an extremely successful businessman that has amassed one of the largest fortunes in Dusk in the last decade.
He's calm and outspoken and understands clearly there is a world of wealth to be made from providing certain vices to the citizens of Dusk.


The only son of a Centrum business man, Cyrus was raised in the West Twins. Playing in the streets near the Rose District influenced his young mind. He could often see incredulously the amount of coin people spent in the District to be entertained.
When his father died he sold the family business and invested it all in a small gambling den in one of the backstreets of the Rose District.
It did not take long for Cyrus to realize that the more he diversify the more money he could make. Soon he was providing Devil's Tongue and Ozone Runes to his clientele and invested heavily in taking over the drug traffic in his area.

Before he could make to many waves and impact in the underworld of Dusk he sought a audience with the Clockwork King and offered a hefty percentage of his profits to be able to continue and expand his business interests.
Two decades later Cyrus Anvil is the owner of several high profile gambling and drugs dens, pleasure houses and even a couple of taverns catering to the wealthy and affluent of the city. He controls much of the drugs traffic in the south of the District and his the mind behind a couple of street gangs.
If you have a special vice or fantasy that you want fulfilled you go see Cyrus Anvil.

Loves and Hates...

Loves power and money.

Hates the fact that no matter how much money he makes he will never be good enough to buy a place among the Old Families of Dusk.

Darkest Secret

Has a network of contacts among the city's orphanages where he tends to "recruit" the next generation of pleasure workers for his businesses.
He often auctions boys and girls to the elites of Dusk for their sordid guilt pleasures.

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As and when needed

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Image of Cyrus Anvil
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