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Summary: Power is more important than money, but legacy is the most important of all.

Benjamin Thomas Montclaire

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Group: The Graveyard

Home District



Landowner and Landlord;
Founder of Montclaire Land Holdings;
Founder of Montclaire Building Company;
Dusk Architect;
Dusk Councilman

Special Skills

Building Architect;
Exceptional business acumen;
35 years of landowner experience;
Natural born leader;
Skilled Equestrian

Physical Appearance

Benjamin is tall and built pretty solid. He has a gritty, fiercesome appearance.

Personality and interests

Benjamin has a bold personality and a temper problem. Although he prides himself on being classy and respectable, he is often times easily aggravated and swift to anger.

His primary interests are landowning, architecture, financial holdings, city politics, high class parties, and making sure his family legacy is something to behold. He believes the key to a great legacy is expanding his property empire as much as possible.


Benjamin is the oldest son and first born child of Clyde Wilhelm Montclaire, the founder of Montclaire Land Holdings (MLH) 65 years ago. Over the past six decades, MLH has grown into the largest and most successful real estate and land holdings company in all of Dusk. As part of their second venture, the Monclaire Building Company (MBC), Benjamin and his father have designed many of the buildings in Dusk. They are also responsible for quite a few redesigns of buildings that needed to be updated and remodeled. Together, they are the most prominent architects in Dusk history.

Benjamin was married to Augustine Adelaide Sherman-Montclaire for 13 years before her mysterious death occurred 14 years ago. Together, they had three children: their son Tate, 18, and twin daughters Diana and Serenity, 14.

Benjamin became involved in city politics almost a decade ago, after his peers suggested he should hold office in the city he helped build. He has held a position on the city council for several years now. He is known to be a prolific decision maker and excellent leader. Sometimes, he can be too aggressive and bold, which tends to irritate some of the other council members and politicians.

Loves and Hates...

Loves horses
Loves business
Loves money
Loves tradition
Loves being in control
Loves architecture
Loves bourbon and cigars
Loves anything of a classical nature, especially buildings and houses
Avid supporter of alchemy, even though he has never dabbled in it

Not a fan of modernization and new technologies
Dislikes steamtech and cars, preferring to travel by horse and carriage

Hates when his children tarnish the family name
Hates gossip
Hates when a real estate deal falls through, as he constantly expects everything to go his way
Hates people he has deemed selfish, disrespectful or foolish
Hates the divide between the rich and poor, but feels that he cannot do anything to change it because he's not capable of handing out livable wages to every person in the city

Darkest Secret

14 years ago, he killed his wife, Augustine. He sacrificed her as part of the inaugural ceremony for the August Golden Eagle Society (AGES), a secret community founded by his wife. The crazy part is that he was supposed to be the sacrifice, but he lied to his wife and betrayed her that night.

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Image of Benjamin Thomas Montclaire
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