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Summary: What they did to me was vulgar, but something in me has changed either by science, accident or fate.

Diana Montclaire

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (I've aged her up a bit)

Group: Dusk

Home District



Homeschooled by private tutors

Special Skills

She is an aspiring artist and poet; shows quite a bit of talent for her age, but she’s no savant. She has a budding interest in Alchemy.

Physical Appearance

(I’ve aged her up a few years and may do so further in a series of In Character stumper posts.)

Diana has dark hair like her mother. She has piercing eyes and a slender build. Her recent ordeal in captivity and at the hands of inhumane testing has triggered what may best be described as an instant and advanced puberty. So she looks a bit older and slightly different from what anyone remembers.

Personality and interests

Diana is shy and mysterious. She has a dark sense of humor.


Diana Rosemary Montclaire was born 16 years ago to Benjamin and Augustine Montclaire. When she was a few months old, her mother was killed. All she knows of her mother is in pictures and heirlooms.

Diana has been painting art since she was 5 years old. A few of her recent artworks have been purchased by organizations around Dusk. She is focused on building her brand.

Loves and Hates...

Loves her twin Serenity
Loves painting, artwork, poetry
Loves true crime stories
Loves the lower classes of Dusk and believes them to be the pulse and lifeblood of the city. She sympathizes with them and does plenty of charity work.

Hates the responsibility and fame that comes with the Montclaire name, but she does enjoy the money and perks

Hates sports
Hates classy parties where everyone acts fake
Hates being told what to do or what not to do
Hates pretty, preppy high society types
Hates weddings

Darkest Secret

She was among the handful of young girls to be rescued from a series of crude and sophisticated testing of a nature she is uncomfortable discussing.

Prior to that her darkest secret was that she'd once posed as her twin and kissed her sister's boyfriend.

So yeah, she's dealing with some heavy stuff right now.

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Image of Diana Montclaire
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