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Summary: I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.. because I am Serenity Montclaire.

Serenity Montclaire

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Group: Delve

Home District



High school student
Occasionally helps her father with business stuff

Special Skills

Dabbles in Alchemy

Physical Appearance

Serenity has dark hair like her mother. She has piercing eyes and a slender build. She looks identical to her twin sister Diana.

Avatar image is a picture of Diana and Serenity when they were young.

Personality and interests

Serenity is shy, but she's more outgoing than her twin sister and far less mysterious. She prefers to be a bit more forthcoming and bold. Her sense of humor is sarcastic and bubbly, not quite as dark as her twin's.

She's interested in:


Serenity Brooke Montclaire was born 14 years ago to Benjamin and Augustine Montclaire. When she was a few months old, her mother was killed. All she knows of her mother is in pictures and heirlooms.

Just like her twin sister Diana, Serenity has always been very artistic. She has been playing piano and violin since she was little. She has always had a passion for music.

Her family members often call her 'Ren' for short. She doesn't mind the nickname.

Loves and Hates...

Loves her twin Diana
Loves music, especially piano and violin
Loves dogs, mostly to be different from her twin's love of cats
Loves being a teenager
Loves the family name and tradition
Loves her father
Loves charity because it makes her look like a good person
Loves money
Loves fashion
Loves fresh baked pies, especially cherry
Loves high class parties
Loves poetry
Loves the dark/night

Hates having to travel out of Highholm
Hates when people disrespect her family
Hates that her twin is obsessed with lower class lifestyles and the gritty streets outside Highholm
Hates that her brother Tate doesn't seem to care about her or Diana
Hates physical labor
Hates being told what to do or what not to do
Hates boys who aren't sophisticated and rich

Darkest Secret

She got one of her music teachers fired after he wouldn't allow her to perform her own composition in a recital.

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Image of Serenity Montclaire
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