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Summary: Those fools called it an atrocity of science - I call it progress!

Lilith Dawkins

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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Dusk

Home District

Paramount Hill - Ironhallow University


Professor of Applied Thaumaturgy

Special Skills

A gifted researcher and artificer
Seedy underworld connections
Probably the most intelligent person you know

Physical Appearance

Well-presented and of medium height, with a willowy physique, blonde hair and cold blue eyes, Lilith confounds expectations about what a university professor should look like.

Out of the lab, she takes pride in her appearance and likes to dress fashionably, in clothes bought from Centrum boutiques; a reaction to spending her days elbow deep in grease and cerebrospinal fluid in the lab, clad in the heavy protective gear she usually wears while working.

For her size and stature, Lilith is surprisingly strong; her physique, honed by the day to day exercise afforded by lugging lightning capacitors and other heavy equipment around.

Personality and interests

Initially coming across as somewhat distant and reserved, Lilith is in fact a highly passionate woman with a drily perverse sense of humour, who delights in verbal sparring and other more hedonistic pleasures.

Argumentative and debauched would be another way of putting it.

While she enjoys the good things in life as much as anyone else, Lilith’s real passion is her research, and although much of this is kept secret, she will happily talk scientific theory with anyone who has the wit to understand what she’s on about.


The eldest of three daughters, born to Robert and Madeline Dawkins, a respectable chiurgen and his wife, Lilith had a comfortable, if traditionally strict, middle-class upbringing in the Twins.

Academically gifted, she enjoyed the very best education that money could buy and it was little surprise to anyone that she eventually graduated with honours from Ironholme University.

Postgraduate research followed, with her thesis on the nature of consciousness attracting much interest in both academic circles and among the shadowy puppet masters of the People’s Council; who, after due consideration, agreed to fund further research, given the potential benefits her work could offer. Thus she was offered tenure at the unusually young age of 30, which many see as a testament to her brilliance.

At the moment, her research into memory transferal techniques is still at an early stage, but the results look promising; with several of her test subjects having survived the process with almost no neurological damage at all.

The main problem Lilith has is that some elements of her work skirt the limits of the acceptable technology edicts, while others simply transgress them completely. Given that the end result of her work could include such wonders as mind control or even consciousness transferal, the members of the council who are aware of her work have turned a blind eye so far; a state of affairs that Lilith knows won’t last, so she has recently begun conducting more of her research in secret.

Another problem is the availability of components. Parts for her wraith machines and auxiliary flux interfaces are hard to come by, even at the university; so by necessity, Lilith has had to take the risky step of cultivating contacts in the underworld, in order to source the components she needs.

Loves and Hates...

Loves her work.
Hates unnecessary limitations on her research.

Darkest Secret

Deep down, Lilith hates Dusk and would do anything to escape.

Posting Frequency

Probably around a couple of times a week

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Image of Lilith Dawkins
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