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Summary: Join us! You will never feel more alive!


Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Delve

Home District

Main base of operations: The Sprawl



Special Skills

Coils implanted into his back allow him to channel electric energy.
On the rare occasions his cult get their hands on Flagesium, a special compartment placed where is kidney was grants him incredible power.

Physical Appearance

Stands 6'8"
154 lbs
His body is scarred and burnt from stray bolts.
Missing a few fingers and toes from stray bolts.
His back is randomly stitched and holds four Tesla coils in his back, as well as wires hidden under his skin. Many places on his back would be infected if they weren't cauterized by constant use.
Several small generators that power his coils most of the time.

Personality and interests

Tesla is insane. He firmly believes that his hazardous surgery has made him the emissary of a new age.
Acting sporadically because of brain damage, he is very likely to shock both friend and foe, as well as a few bystanders.
With such volatile forces so close to his nervous system, creates spasms in his limbs, as well as making him fatigued with constant use.


Growing up working as a loader and living in the Graymire, Tesla was an orphan with no one but himself.
Him and other orphans banded together for survival, in time forming a gang. Continuing to work for the Green line trains, they were able to sneak chunks of raw Flagesium over many years, collecting them as prized relics.
His gang was finally able to leave the Graymire and move to Dusk, where they set up in the underground of the city as a cult, seeing their supply of ore as holy relics.
This led to Tesla undergoing a procedure that gave him his characteristic coils, in order to become a "conduit" for the groups faith.
From constant surgeries to keep infection at bay and constant use of his gift, Tesla is now a deranged fanatic for his cult, any who doubt him feeling his wrath.

Loves and Hates...

The rush of electricity
His cult

Darkest Secret

He has been smuggling Flagesium to Dusk ever since his cult got there, though his group are not aware of this.

Posting Frequency

Every few days

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Image of Tesla-Dead
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