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Summary: We don't float or fly, we soar!

Franklin Tullerson (Tully)

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Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: The Graveyard

Home District

Dusk and the Roost



Special Skills

Aerial Tactics (basic)
Quick Thinking & Lucky

Physical Appearance

Tully is of average height and his build is athletic but not overly so. He has longer brown hair and brown eyes, and is not too bad on the eyes. He can be goofy when he jokes and laughs.

He wears browns and tans, with a light/cream outer coat. He has plenty of little gizmos and such on his belt, as well as a firearm he never uses and a blade he rarely yields. He has a lucky charm on a necklace, shaped like a wing, made out of a hard dark polished wood - a gift from unknown when he was a child.

Personality and interests

Tully is quite brash and blunt, has a general aversion to authority, and a penchant for danger. His stunts and discipline issues have waned over the years, but he still causes issues almost every where he goes. The raised-on-the-streets stench never wore off.

Tully is a very capable pilot, including training and experience in many airships and even some experimental craft. These experimental craft attempted to use thaumaturgy but never went anywhere. And for some reason, Tully remembers almost nothing about this experience.

Tully is a very quick study. This is typically not noticeable, especially to those who don't know him, as he hides behind that brash facade. But give him a technical manual and a bit of time and he can repair and fly most craft. The love of flight from childhood on would serve him well.

Tullerson is terrible in hand-to-hand combat and can barely fire a ranged weapon. He is decent at field first aid, but still has trouble remembering the protocols and procedures for proper mission runs and emergency scenarios as far as the Roost's contractors go.


Franklin, or "Tully" as he prefers to be called, had a fairly simplified upbringing, his parents both workers in the refineries. Tully was raised in Dusk mostly, but survived with strength and advice from his father. Once Tully was of age, he truly wanted to help Dusk, although not like his parents. His hankering for all things flight related had him drooling over the Roost.

Once Tully was trained, he began helping on a few airships over the years, honing his skills and soaking in what he could to become an ace pilot and captain. While he was still defiant, he earned respect as a great mechanic and pilot.

Loves and Hates...

Tully loves boozing at the Cog, loves reading technical jargon (secretly), and loves adrenaline rushes (flying, ladies, emergency repairs). He loves other Skyriders and swapping stories.

Tully cannot stand authority, but he adheres most of the time. He absolutely hates uneducated guesses, although he hypocritically does it himself. And he hates weapons pointed at him, which has happened far too many times.

Darkest Secret

Not only was he part of an experimental Thaumaturgy flight experiment, he was also tested on with energy overloads and such.

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1-2 per week

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