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Summary: IF he looks at you, run or pray.


Gender: Male

Age: A few hours

Group: Delve

Home District

The Delve


Avatar of the Maelstrom
Destroyer of his people's enemies

Special Skills

Superhuman Strength and Durability

Physical Appearance

Stands 5'8"
270 lbs
Has a heavily muscled body that is covered in scars.
Missing his third and fourth fingers on his right hand, his left has been replaced with a prosthetic limb.
Face is revealed, showing a scarred and disfigured sight. Entire body glows and writhes with glowing energy and contains shards of flagesium.

Personality and interests

Has a burning hatred of the men and women that have put his people into the slums and the dark corners of the world. He seeks to bring the Ashen and Erosen to their destined station to rule the ruined world.


Born from a horrific attempt to revive the fallen Fiasco, Conduit is a being of its own. Wearing the body of Fiasco, the shards of flagesium peppering him power fearsome abilities, flight and thaumaturgy.
His powers only last as long as he has flagesium to power it, so the farther he travels from the Maw. the weaker he can become.

Loves and Hates...

The Ashen and Erosen
The Maelstrom
Any who threaten his people

Darkest Secret

Deep within his resides the minds of Fiasco and Tesla.

Posting Frequency

Every few days

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Image of Conduit
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