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Summary: If he looks at you, he likes you. Maybe.


Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Delve

Home District

The Sprawl


Demo expert
Chemistry expert

Special Skills


Physical Appearance

Stands 5'8"
168 lbs
Has a heavily muscled body that is covered in scars.
Missing his third and fourth fingers on his right hand, his left has been replaced with a prosthetic limb.
Face is hidden by a mask he wears at all times. Acquires masks during his time in public, seemingly able to never wear the same mask twice.

Personality and interests

Only called by his codename, Fiasco is a man of few words(He cannot speak at all). None in Dusk know his real name or anything about him for that matter and he likes it that way.
His only passion is the fight for freedom and the thrill of a demolition. He works quietly and efficiently, though will often stop to watch a building go down in flames.


Fiasco is actually one of the orphans that joined Tesla's gang when they lived in the Graymire. Even then, he barely spoke, but was essential in smuggling Flagesium for the group. After escaping to Dusk, he left the gang to join the Rising Star Faction. Here he showed his love for chemistry and demolitions, while also keeping in touch with his old friend.

Loves and Hates...

The arrogant few that rule over them.
Failed demo missions

Darkest Secret

He is apart of Tesla's secret Flagesium smuggling operation and is usually the one to transport the material.

Posting Frequency

Every few days

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Image of Fiasco
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