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Summary: There is trouble explaining things with words. If you explain with gunpowder, people listen.

Captain Phineas Steelheart

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Elesium

Home District

Rose District



Special Skills

Pilot (airship)
Swordplay (armblade)
Firearms (mainly with his 6 shooter)
Ad Hoc Repair (able to fix his airship and prosthetic arm)

Physical Appearance

Tall and strong, pale skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes.
Has a well trimmed mutton chops and mustache, shoulder length hair.
Always wearing a brown leather overcoat covering its dark red canvas coat and formal clothes, heavy pirate style boots, a visible leather chest armor and brass goggles finalizing the picture.
His left arm was lost in the past and replaced by a brass mechanical prosthetic , steaming noisy clockwork device, that does not give any real advantage other than the armblade (retractable sword) and the simplicity to fix it when required.
In his belt is always his beloved six shooter "twins", Jenny and Sally.

Personality and interests

Smart, funny and ruthless, he makes jokes about any situation, doesn't matter how critical it is.
He is intent on seeing what is beyond Elesium and what lies beyond the wasteland. 
He will not stay in one place for too long, always searching for new adventures between his contracts as airship captain.
He has always been aware that possess a strange sense of humor and his social skills leave much to be desired, but he couldn’t care less.


His father was a gambler, his mother an "adult entertainer" within the Rose District.
His dreams always laid far from the walls from Dusk, or above, since he dreamed so much about a better life on Elesium. This adventurous spirit guided him to join a small group of criminals, racketeers, and things ended bad.
During a conflict between divergent groups, a dire battle in the borders of the Steamworks, explosive devices were detonated carelessly and he lost his left arm (and barely kept his life).
For a long time he was decided to die, and leave this life of misery through the easy gate. But in the clinics he meet Ulysses, and everything changed.
In order to pay for a mechanical arm, he worked for years aboard the airship Ophelia under Captain Ulysses.
During this time he left part of his dreams behind in order to dedicate himself to the life of a Skyrider.
He became like an adoptive son to Ulysses, and when the old captain died, he inherited Ophelia.

Loves and Hates...

Loves :
His airship, Ophelia

Hates :
Snob people

Darkest Secret

He killed his own father with a knife during his return to the Rose District. He will do anything to fulfill his dreams. Anything.

Posting Frequency

4 to 5 times per week.

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Captain Phineas Steelheart
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