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Summary: A restless wanderer shall you be on the Earth.


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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: The Graveyard

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Reaper of souls

Special Skills

The extent of his skills are unknown

Physical Appearance

Reports of his appearance vary wildly as Cain is consider a figure of myth going back to the time when the first foundation stone was laid in Dusk.
Most accounts describe him as a tall, slim man, hidden by a dark cloak and hat as if he was made of shadows himself. All reports and stories claim that all victims hear the sound of a death whistle before he strikes.

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The legend of Cain goes back to the first settlement where Dusk came to be erected. Some stories say that he was one of the first masons part of the team instructed to build the city not long after Elysium was constructed.
Some said that while he was digging the foundation of the city he came across an ancient and evil artifact that claimed his soul. Others say that the exposure to the Darklands made him crazy. In both stories Cain murdered all other Masons in an senseless orgy of violence leaving their scattered remains as a warning to those emerging from the Delve.

Tales and stories of his murders during troubled times in the history of Dusk abound, stretching back as far as anyone can remember.
Most citizens believe Cain to be a Demon made flesh in the Darklands appearing to claim the souls and lives of Men.

The City authorities have always maintained that Cain is a myth and his guise employed by different murderers throughout history as copy cats. This allows them to hide from the law and they point to the disappearance of any similar cases and his Modus Operandi sometimes for generations, to prove Cain is an old wives tale, product of the fearful and uneducated masses.

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Darkest Secret

Cain appears at certain points in the history of Dusk to claim the lives of specific individuals usually in brutal fashion. The reasons for this remain a mystery to this day.

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