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Summary: Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.

Zelda Lottie Ives

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Dusk

Home District

Born in the Sprawl, has worked/resided in West Twins' theater district since she was a young girl.


Performance Artist - Principal Dancer in Solstice Ballet Company

Special Skills

Zelda is agile and quick on her feet. She has no particular skill or affinity with weapons, be they ranged or melee, but she is quite adept at evasive maneuvers in close quarters. She’s a decent tailor, having learned to mend stage costumes and to some degree, create them. This was done of necessity and not the thrill of stitching.

Seven skills essential to ballet that serve her well in all areas of life: Discipline, Endurance, Patience, Integrity, Respect, Poise & Passion.

Physical Appearance

5’3” (162 cm)
105 lbs (47 kg)
Long dark auburn hair
She has the physique of a classical dancer; slim with a long neck, a medium length torso, long legs with complimentary long arms and high insteps. And she owed it all to genetics, ridiculously long days of training and selectively applied instances of malnourishment.

Personality and interests

She is a notorious flirt and natural negotiator, but until the Elesian Regent came down to Dusk (with Shock troops and Tin-men soldiers in tow) Zelda spent very little time outside of the theater, dedicating most of her waking hours to practice, rehearsal & performance.


Zelda doesn’t come from a wealthy family, their small home is in The Sprawl. They own and operate a bookstore in The Centrum and do their best to support her career choice. She does receive a stipend from the theater, but only when there are performances scheduled and attended by the public. There are various Patrons who make promises of money, gifts and endorsements, but getting them to follow through with those commitments is a separate matter and met with limited success. The life of a dancer often comes with broad periods of time between wages as Zelda now finds herself. Because of the turmoil and unrest brought on by the arrival of The Elesians, no one knows what will happen at the Theater and rehearsals are temporarily canceled. Zelda has picked up a few shifts at a modest pub, serving drinks instead of grand jeté.

Loves and Hates...

Loves: Attention (preferably Adoration,) Ballet, Theater, Books
Hates: Poverty, Profanity, Coarseness, Food Service

Darkest Secret

Ballerinas are infamously competitive among themselves and critical of their bodies. Zelda has pulled some wicked stunts to beat out her competition and maintains fierce rivalries that insure she’ll commit further transgressions.

Posting Frequency

At least once per week

I'm still developing this character so updates to bio will be forthcoming.

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Image of Zelda Lottie Ives
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