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Summary: Are you always like this?

Kadison Larcher

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Dusk

Home District

West Twins


2nd Year Student at Stonegrove Institute

Special Skills

Identifying Plants, Animals, and Poisons

Physical Appearance

Tall and slender
Broad Shoulders
Raven hair
Dark Brown eyes
Wears mildly formal clothing but he's not too picky
Always wears a bracelet with wooden beads, left hand

Personality and interests

Kadison studies herbology and botany at the institute. He spends ample time in libraries and book stores alike with an endless hunger for knowledge. An incredibly curious person, he loves questions and answers and will use whatever means necessary to obtain them or any factual information. He spends more time in his lab and studying than anywhere else.
Kadison's first language seems to be flirting but he remains respectful and gentlemanly. He is hardworking and loyal but is sometimes hesitant to speak in front of groups and express ideas due to fear of rejection. One of his goals is to be part of the people in Dusk who fight for civil equality and improve the state of their city but he's looking to do so in more quiet ways so not to be traced. He is more of a listener than a talker, but don't underestimate the power of his words. He's a poetic and intelligent soul. He speaks in a deep, quiet tone as he is a rather calm person, hostility and anger rarely become him.

Kadison remains kind, courteous, and witty overall. He keeps an open mind and is accepting of change... but not if the change is the Elesian Order taking control.
He would love to have the opportunity of exploring the Darklands or even getting to Elesium in all of its luxury, not so much for the people or the policies but to learn things no other typical Dusker would get the chance to. But he doesn't see that happening anytime soon. So he will do what he can on the ground to make a difference.


Born to Horace and Miranda Larcher, he is their youngest child with Fawn being the eldest. All of his life success, education, and marriage were instilled in him as the most important thing a person could accomplish but in time he grew to value one more than the rest. The power of knowledge is fascinating to him and he fell into a habit of excelling in academia. In doing so, he found inspiration in one Professor Corbet at his old college not only for him educating in the sciences but also his motivational tendencies for younger generations to be the change they want to see.

The difference between him and his family were those values exactly. His mother and father, of course, just wanted the wealth and success. Fawn, his sister, valued the arts rather than schooling and pursued the theater. He has become distant from his parents despite their constant involvement and criticism of how to make him a better gentleman. They have resented his sister for her "lousy" choices and try to shape their son into the perfect bachelor for wealthy women. They restrict him from certain areas and often keep him indoors as much as they can.

With his studies, he aided in planning the Greenfair Project which established Dusk's first park with flora all of trial and error testing to see if plants could grow without the sun when manipulated in a lab or by their environment. It thrived for a while, until Elesium, with their eyes and ears all over, received word of the success and had Dusk's Council terminate the project completely. What lies in its place is a cold, dead graveyard of what once was life. Kadison considers that his biggest failure, the he could've been so naïve to think they would allow Dusk to have any sliver of hope. And the soil additive he created strangely supported plants and flowers only, no produce. He is developing a new formula to bring life to what he could not before.

Kadison is best friends with Oliver Bishop who he met during previous schooling and both spend extensive time on research. He was romantically involved with an Ashen dancer by the name of Varya before complications split them apart.
Since the Elesians arrival he has become more reserved and careful with what he does.

Loves and Hates...

Loves: Plants, Reading, Studying, Collecting Small Objects, Planning Things, Flirting, Poetry

Hates: Greed, Unnecessary Violence, Disrespecting Women, Elesium

Darkest Secret

All will be revealed in due time.

Posting Frequency

I genuinely try to post as much as possible but these past months have been busy and I've been all over. However, I'll be able to focus more soon.

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