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Summary: A man who wanders where others fear to tread.

Jericho Cross

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Dusk

Home District

A small warehouse nested between Twins East and The Steamworks. It is both home and workshop.


Jericho is one of the few with a legal permit to explore The Darklands.

Special Skills

Giving his profession Jericho skills are somewhat hodgepodge since he frequents the Darklands.
Some stand out skills:
He a strong set of wilderness survival skills specifically geared to the Darklands
Favors rifles, blades, and fists
Basic mechanical abilities
Can ride a Cycle

Physical Appearance

175 lbs
Jericho it tall, lean with dark hair and blue eyes. He comes off very rakish in his leather duster and outback hat. He mixes cowboy and roguish pirate very well. He wears is rifle across his back and a kukri on each hip.

Personality and interests

Jericho is a man who lacks a serious bone in his body when not riding in the Darklands. He is full of sarcasm and humor living it up when he can. In a weird way though he had always been more comfortable riding the Dark land that sitting still at Dusk. It isn’t that he hates Dusk just out in the Darklands he has function and purpose. Jericho isn’t one who looks too far in the future. Not when you spend so much time in the wastes. Jerchio has a love of birds and maintains a small aviary of crows with his brother Gabriel.


Jericho is the eldest Cross brothers and naturally first to inherit the family trade. Searching the Darkland for treasure and by proxy a hefty payday. Jericho found the profession suited him!
That isn’t to say life was all strawberries and cream! His father was a hard man who drilled his boys relentlessly. Their mother died in childbirth taking the littlest Cross with her to the next world. After she died his father drank more than he worked leaving a heap of responsibility on Jericho to take care of Gabriel and float what was left of their family. Even WITH the training his father drilled into him, it was still a rough go for the young Darkland treasure hunter. It was a shock when his father turned up dead. It just little more lonely.
Gabe shows he has a head for the mechanics compliment Jericho skill nicely. Soon Gabe was joining in on the adventure and his head for all things mechanical maximized there profit!

Loves and Hates...

His brother
Timeout in the Darklands
Making money
Finishing something good

Being double-crossed / Taken advantage up
Low balled
Anyone messing with his brother
Getting drunk / drunks (A drink every so often is fine but after what happened to his father he was turn off to booze)

Darkest Secret

Jericho’s knowledge of the Darklands is unparalleled given that knowledge has been passed down a few generations. It remains a closely guarded family secret exactly HOW much they know.

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I try and post once a day.

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Image of Jericho Cross
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