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Summary: An energetic young redhead

Agnes Grace Hart

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Dusk

Home District

Rose District


(former circus performer clown/acrobat) Thief / Tinker

Special Skills

Acrobatics - climbing, tightrope, walking, climbing, gymnastics, juggling
Thieving - Breaking and entry, lock picking
disguise -
Musician - strings and pipes.


Physical Appearance

Agnes is about 5'4" tall, 90 lbs with shoulder length red hair in pony tails.

She has a thin build and needs to put on weight. She has strong arms and legs that allow her to climb and tumble.

She likes to wear common clothes unless she is working. Then she wears black leather.

Personality and interests

Positive characteristics: friendly, careful
Negative characteristics: cowardly, grumpy
Words often used to describe Agnes: careful, cowardly, friendly, grumpy

Moral: sometimes - She does have a code of honor and will not steal so much as to hurt a person (most of the time).
Stable: sometimes - Her life is a bunch of up and downs.
Loyal: sometimes - Some of her past acquaintances have stabbed her in the back or left her hung out to dry. She likes to see who people are before she decides to be loyal. If she finds you worthy, she will be loyal till the end.
Generous: not at all
Extrovert: sometimes
Hobbies: listening to music, building mechanical devices.
Favorite foods: ice cream, chocolate biscuits


Early years: Agnes grew up in an impoverished neighbourhood. Her father left when she was young, leaving her with her mother, who was an addict. Life was hard for the family. Her mother had multiple relationships and children out of wedlock.

Most traumatic childhood experience: Her father leaving when she was two.

Agnes sold to a the circus where she was trained as a clown and eventually learned to be a tumbler and tightrope walker. As she got older, she like many circus people, learned to steal. She was an apt climber and learned to pick locks from her mentor. The circus closed down when it went bankrupt and Agnes ended back up in the Rose.

Loves and Hates...

Agnes likes machines, music, performing, and good food.

She hates being called a thief,

Darkest Secret

I was arrested and have a criminal record as male. (She was disguised at the time)

Posting Frequency

Every couple days or more (most of the time)

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Image of Agnes Grace Hart
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