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Summary: Kneel before me or die

Ines Valkarian

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Gender: Female

Age: 38

Group: The Graveyard

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Second Speaker of the White Hall and Savant Elect on the Elesium counsel. Named Regent of Dusk following the disastrous leadership of Josiah Hazard.

Special Skills

Scientist, thaumaturgist, politician, social scientist

Physical Appearance

Ines powders her skin to appear pale, though her true colour is dark like most of those that live above the Maelstrom. She dresses mostly in white favouring pearls and diamonds as decoration.

Personality and interests

Ines is ruthless and driven. She does not believe in second chances and hates life beneath the Maelstrom.

She had a keen interest in social engineering


Supporting Cast:
Orlan Vord, speaker of the hall

Loves and Hates...

Loves... power and innovation

Hates... Failure and Dusk

Darkest Secret

She was disgraced back in Elesium which is what resulted in her "assignment" to Dusk

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As required

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Image of Ines Valkarian
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