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Summary: I feel therefore I live, I live therefore you die.


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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Elesium

Home District

Beneath Dusk



Special Skills

Knife work
Martial Combat
Exceptional Strength, Speed and Agility
Mental Link to the Clockwork King

Physical Appearance

Five foot three, with Raven black hair. One dark eye and one crystal blue.

Personality and interests

Eris is still discovering her personality since the Clockwork King gave her the gift of the flesh. She is prone to extreme violence and is protective of what she considers beautiful or unique. Though her view of what that means differs from the norm.
She is focused and relentless in the pursuit of her duties.


Eris was sent to Dusk by the Delve Mother as a messenger for the Clockwork king. The CK decided to keep her and include her in his own retinue and as part of that deal he spared her life and gave her the gift of the flesh. She is a Mechan and without the gift would appear as a very sophisticated version of the Elesian Tin Men. A Clockwork woman.

Since receiving the flesh she has begun to discover what it is to be human and is struggling with feelings and emotions that as strange to her kind.

Loves and Hates...

Loves new experiences and emotions, the discovery of self and the world around her

Hates confinement and restriction

Darkest Secret

Eris is a Mechan, an advanced mechanical servant from the Deep Delve. The existence of her kind is a thing of legend in Dusk and she is feared by the Elesians who place very strict control on their Constructs.

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As Required

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Image of Eris
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