This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Mar 19, 2019, 7:06pm

Game Information

Please CLICK HERE and read the Welcome Post before rolling your new character

Is this game for you?

This will be a slow burning story based adventure with adult themes. Posts will take a longer format with to and fro action being dealt with through joint posts. When applying we will take note of your play style elsewhere to ensure you fit well into the world we are creating. This is for your own benefit and enjoyment as much as our own.

Due to the format there will be some "god-modding" allowed with all the usual caveats about respecting the character and not killing or drastically changing the character or players plot in any way without permission.

If you do not want this simply place a (P) for private after you characters name and they will be left alone. Characters with (NPC) after their name can be used by anyone but again should not be killed off without speaking to a mod.

The moderators reserve the right to "mod" your characters should you become inactive or be post blocking another player. Again we will do this in a grown up sensible manner... unless you leave the game in which case they are dead meat :)

A few mean rules:

1. No email no play : complex games like this require communication. When you apply you will get an email from a mod, if you do not reply you do not get in. It is a simple yet effective rule to ensure we are all of the sort that communicate.

2. No unauthorized use of OOC : it's messy and makes me cry. If you want to make a game post OOC and remove the tag that is fine, but otherwise OOC is a mod tool in this game and player OOC posts will be deleted. If you want to shout out to the players email or contact a mod.

3. No Drama : We follow Wheaton's Law in this game and if you do the same all will be well.

Posting :

Please start all posts with : Location – Date – Time of day

For example : The Centrum – 2nd June – Morning. No need to be too specific, but it is a big game and we want to be able to keep track of people, and yes we are using the standard Gregorian calendar so no need to memorise a whole new bunch of names for months and days.

WARNING : This game does contain mature scenes and though not a central part of the plot you will encounter strong language and scenes of a violent or sexual nature.