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The Wicked and the Redeemed

{Oct 2. Afternoon, Sprawl slums}
Tesla fidgeted with a small knife he had made, the crude design and cheap materials put into it being balanced by the simplicity in making more. He hadn't had sentimental value in a weapon before, never found a use for such an idea. Growing up, he was known for his habit of switching weapons almost daily, acquiring or making whatever suited his fancy.
"OW! Nichola, please be more gentle, you're poking on human tissue, not cold dead steel!"
He hated needing repairs on his generators, though with almost no protection from the bolts that shot from his back, he had no choice unless he wanted to explode.
"Sorry sweety, you know I try my best for you. I just wish I could think of a way to guard the micro-motors without compromising the effectiveness of your coils."
The woman reached over from his side to peck him on the cheek. He liked how she doted on him, though he wished that didn't include trying to gain his.."physical favor".
He had no time for such things, not when his true calling held sway over his heart and soul. His body belonged to the Great Conduit and she would have to realize that soon enough.
"There, all done for now."
She placed her tools in a bag, then stood to leave the room.
"I'll also be back to check on your lower back, if that is ok."
"Ofcourse, your skills are ever invaluable to me."
He saw that she blushed at his words before walking out of the room.
Finally, I can return to my work.
He decided to try and rest, laying on his stomach again after attaching his charging cables.
{The next morning}
Waking fitfully, Tesla slowly rose, unclamping himself before groggily leaving his room.
Many passed him on his walk to his cults cafeteria, bowing to their spiritual guide and teacher. He bowed respectfully back, remembering today was to be another round of initiations.
Reaching the large room, he eyed the choices he had for his breakfast.
Some cooked meats, a few odd looking vegetables, and coffee.
Throwing together a decent sized plate, he sat alone at a table to hungrily devour his meal.
Looking around as he ate, he noticed some new faces staring at him.
More specifically, the huge coils sprouting from his back.
Obviously these were the new initiates, another figure sat next to them, he recognised it as one of his disciples. He seemed to be preaching to the others about their great faith, he pointed at Tesla often with much enthusiasm.
Good, spreading the good word of our faith.
After finishing, he announced that the initiates were to be brought to his chamber to receive his blessing. The disciple sitting next to them nearly leapt for joy, eagerly rushing his new friends to the sacred room.
He arrived to see the group knelt before his chair, their heads bowed as they waited for their guide to arrive.
"Greetings young ones, it brings much joy to my heart to see that you wish to join our fold."
He walked to the back of the room, half way between the people and his chair.
"As you have left your past in order to embrace the future, I shall purge your sins and revive your connection to the Great Conduit!"
One of the men looked up, clearly startled by this.
"Excuse me, I was not told that I would need to leave my old life! I am from a rich family, I want that inheritAAaAAAAAUUG-"
The mans protest was cut off as a magnificent display of lightening splayed across the room. It caught the man in his upper left chest, instantly stopping his heart. Tesla watched the death of their friend bring faces of panic and doubt to the others.
"My friends, I wish no ill will to those who wish to gain knowledge of the true gods. To those who do not put their faith in me and the Great Conduit however, they will find a righteous opponent against which there is no hope to live."
He moved to stand in front of the left most figure.
"To those of the faith, my gift will bring you salvation, not death."
A slight hum filled the room as small bolts sprang between Teslas fingers, he lowered his hand onto the back of the woman's head.
The figure began to seizure slightly, a small amount of froth forming on her mouth. Tesla felt the energy flow from him into the body before him, rejoicing in the thought of another soul saved.
Releasing his grip, the woman sat for a few more moments, mumbling things about great storms and conduits. A success.

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