Secrets of the Flesh

- 4th October, - Graymire, Rovers Society Manor - Early Afternoon -

"And has you can see here..." Mortimer pointed down at the gashes he had cut in the cadaver's neck. " these tunnels will connect to the inside of the throat allowing a biological filtration of impurities that are usually not stopped by the the nasal and oral passage ways. Thus protecting the respiratory and lymphatic systems to a much higher degree."
he said to the three man assembled around the slab in one of the many rooms that doubled as laboratories for the questing Rovers.

Professor Archibald Clement looked on with interest peering from behind his circular spectacle. His expression serene and calm looking at the work the old man had performed on the dead body.

"And you claim you can re create this on a living being? Have you preformed tests?" asked Bio-Alchemist Ora Elisha Vyner excitedly.

She was the younger of the trio and one of the youngest scientists to have ever joined the Rovers at Graymire directly from Ironhallow University. Her studies and papers one the uses of alchemy into combating city wide pandemics and vaccination of the masses had been recognised by the Epistemological Society of Savants as groundbreaking.
Mortimer looked around nervously. He was not used to talking openly about his experiments.
"Now now, Mavromichali. You can relax. We are not in Dusk. No one is going to report you to the Council of Savants for gene manipulation. Again. " said Professor Archibald Clement calmly. Mortimer winced at the words.
"We have been looking at ways to combat the side effects of Flagesium ore for decades now. We know that inhalation is the highest contributing factor when it comes to mutation."

Geochemist Gideon Butcher joined the discussion from the back of the room. "We are loosing too many people to the it. Numbers of exterminations might appear stable but that is only because those infected are living for longer periods whilst made to work longer in the mines. Ora believes its only a question of time before the vaccine stops being effective." Gideon was a young burly man. No one had spent more hours than him exploring the Deep Delve and he could see the potential of Mortimer's procedure in pushing even deeper towards the depth.

Mortimer looked around nervously and licked his thin lips.
"I have already performed the surgery on a live subject. It takes no longer than three days and a recovery period of about two weeks. Using an analytical engine and with some specific tailored program cards I can ensure the body accepts these minor alterations without any side effects apart from the obvious visible changes to ones neck muscles."

Silence stretched across the room. And before he knew it all three scientists were asking him question about his work and his experiments. He smiled. It had been too long since he had been among his kind.
For a few seconds he forgot about The Spider, The Marshall and the plague that was running wild thorough the Dark city.

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