Close Call

- October 5th, The Centrum, Late Evening-

Jonathan stood near the open window staring down at the empty street beneath. It was past midnight and a soft drizzle had left a dull sheen on the cobbles below. The street lamps flickers and buzzed feebly as they tried in vain to push back the darkness, and above like an ever present god the maelstrom boiled and rumbled its discontent.

Looking back into his apartment Jonathan saw Josiah sitting on the edge of the bed, a crimson robe falling open about his shoulders to reveal his body beneath. He smiled over and reached back to pat the naked bottom of the woman he had hired to join them this evening. She giggled and reached upwards to place a cigarette in Josiahs mouth.

Josiah had turned up on the doorstep earlier that evening with the girl on his arm and a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He was as high as a kite. It was like he had just won a prize fight. Jonathan had not fought very hard before allowing them into his apartment and was left with no regrets about the evening that followed. Josiah was closed mouthed about what had him so juiced up but several drinks and a couple of orgasms later Jonathan was content not to know.

Josiah walked over now and wrapped his arms around Jonathan, pulling him tight in towards his body. He kissed his neck and Jonathan felt the mans arousal as he leaned his head to one side.

"Time to go." Josiah whispered in his ear and Jonathan gave a low grunt of disappointment. Josiah returned to the bed and started to get dressed.

"Shall I leave Katya here with you?" Josiah asked as he popped the cigarette back in her mouth. She looked expectantly over at Jonathan but he smiled and shook his head.

"I am exhausted, I will arrange a cab." he offered and she shrugged unconcerned. Her time was paid for either way.

"No need." Josiah replied, "My car is downstairs."

"No security?" Jonathan asked and Josiah gave him a sidelong look.

"There is always security." Josiah said as he sat to pull on his shoes. Katya was also busying herself getting dressed now.

Jonathan stayed in his robe as his two guests made their exit then moved to the window to listen for the sound of Josiahs vehicle starting up and moving away. Hearing that they were gone he heaved a deep sigh of relief and hurried over to a thick blanket that had been thrown in haste on a coffee table near his bed.

Beneath the makeshift cover were the files that Jonathan had retrieved from Emilys apartment. He sat on the bed and blinked down at them. To think that Josiah had been so close to them. That they had done what they had done with evidence of a Rising Star plot sitting a bare few feet away covered only by a thick blanket.

Emily was making a recovery and the matter of these documents was growing more urgent. Soon she would be released from the medical unit and the Rising Star would have their claws in her once more. It would lead to her death he just knew it. He had thought for a brief moment about enlisting the aid of the First Citizen, but he had no illusions about the mans loyalty, no matter how diverting his attentions might be.

Idly he leafed through the documents as he considered his options. How to get Emily away from her obligations. His eyes came to rest upon a loose leaf with a hastily drawn map and a single word scrawled in the corner. Fiasco. He read the word out loud. Some kind of code name? He looked through more of the papers and found the word repeated several more times on connection to messages received from the Rising Star. A contact then, perhaps Emily's handler?

A plan started to form in his mind. He would offer himself in her place, a fair trade. He had a great deal to offer as a leader of the business community. He had contacts and... he smiled to himself. He was the secret lover of the First Citizen. Surely they would cut Emily loose if he made the case. He would make his way to the location on the map, seek out this Fiasco character and plead his case. It just had to work.

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