White Men

- 5th October, The Sprawl, Late Evening, Underground Abandoned Facility -

It had been a long day. The team had worked tirelessly since yesterday. The 25 subjects delivered into their hands showed promise.
Most had been subjected to preliminary tests already. Blood cultures gathered, as long as and physical examinations had been concluded. They were in good health for most part with a few malnourished, some cavities and of course all suffered from different stages of rickets, a disease in which the bone tissue doesn't properly mineralize, leading to soft bones and skeletal deformities, which was actually quiet common on all those living under the Maelstrom. The lack of vitamin D was not something easy to combat.

But for the most part the female subjects fitted the profile they had requested from their contact in the underworld of this cesspool of a city. It was has good as they could get without raising to much suspicions.
The team of scientist did not relish the fact that they had to spend two weeks in this dank, rotten surface world but the needs of Elesium overweight any discomfort and disgust they might be feeling.

Everyone agreed at least on one factor. The stink of the city and its unwashed population was almost unbearable. They all wished to return to their fair city as soon as possible but the task could not be rushed. The future of their kind and way of life depend on finding the right vessels.

Majority of the girls were too terrified to put up a fight or hinder their exams. Their ages ranged from 14 to 20 and most would be at the peak of their fertility considering the short life span those from Dusk had.
Those that could have struggled during the processes seemed too afraid of the thugs hired to guard the experiment. The men lustful and jeering looks unspoken promises of what could happen if they stepped out of line. The promisse of violence ever present.

Two girls were the exception. One a pale red haired girl with green eyes who in ideal conditions they would have sedated if the drugs did not have adverse effect on the next batch of tests required. She had already been slapped and punched a few time and was already sporting a busted lip and a swollen cheek.

The other a younger dark hair beauty with piercing eyes had shouted herself hoarse claiming she was the daughter of a Councilman and that her father was going to kill them all. They hoped she was not insane because she should promise. Extra psychoanalysis had been scheduled for this subject.

Tomorrow they would start focusing on the real work. Over the next few days they would discard any subjects exhibiting symptoms of Amenorrhoea and any suffering from fungal, bacterial, viral, or protozoal infections beyond their capabilities to treat and erradicate.
Once that was out of the way and if some of the test subjects proved suitable they could start observing what the physical effects to the gonadotropin compounds they had recently developed would be in the females.

In two weeks time they hoped to have viable genetic matches for the breeding program.

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