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The Sprawl- Two days after Never Strikes Twice-
After their grand outing that ended in a destruction of the Militia recruitment office, Fiasco and Tesla had split ways. Tesla had not seen his friend since that night, but had received a steady supply of information from his disciples as they continued to meet with him.
His gathering had seen an influx of members, those that saw the recent demolition as a sign from the True Gods. This had left Tesla exhausted from initiations, as well as multiple sessions with Nichola for his injuries and to fix his motors.
"You must take time to cool down, all of these initiations just can not be good for your health."
Tesla breathed a heavy sigh," You know I can't Nicky, those that seek the visions of the Maelstrom must go through the proper ritual."
Nichola held her thoughts in, already knowing the outcome if she pressed further, but even so she worried for Tesla. He was her purpose in life and she hated it when he wasted away because of his beliefs. She had to accept it though, she would follow him to the ends of the world.
"So then what is next, what grand escapade does my handsome looney have planned?"
Tesla shifted uncomfortably, both from the question and from a pain brought on by Nichola's repairs.
"I haven't actually thought of anything, been a bit to caught up in the new members."
Playfully smacking his rear, she laughed.
"Oh sweety, what ever would you do without me? After the fun the two of you had, obviously the Militia wouldn't back down and they have set up more bases. I was thinking that after the other nights foreplay, you boys would want some real fun?"
Once again at a loss for her attention to news, he turned his head to beam at her.
"You love, are a delight."
Making sure no one was entering the room, Nichola finished her work and moved so she could rest Tesla's head on her lap.
"Maybe, since I was a good girl and got you such delicious tidbits, that it might be worth an award?"
Getting what she was hinting at, Tesla found that his outing had aroused dulled urges.
"Maybe, little poppet, maybe."

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