Getting to know you

- October 8th, Paramount Hill, late evening -

“Excuse me Ma’am, I know you’re busy” old Albert from reception wheezed when Lilith cracked the door open “but this young lady says she knows you. She says you sent for her?”

“Why, Miss Rutlidge” Lilith beamed at the young entertainer from The Lady’s Grace “You came!”

“Good evening, Ma’am” Abigail bobbed a guilty curtsey “I only just managed to get off work. Is this a bad time?”

“Not at all, darling. Do come in” Lilith held the door open, taking care to shield Jessica from Albert’s prying eyes.

“What are you doing in here?” Abigail asked as she gazed, wide eyed, around the room, taking in the hulking mass of the apparatus, before finally spying Jessica “Who is that?”

“Nobody important, darling”

“What are you doing to her?”

“I’m helping her. She has a rare neurological condition, and I’m researching ways to restore some of the memories she’s lost”


Abigail looked suspiciously at her “Why’s she gagged?”

Lilith rolled her eyes “You do ask a lot of questions, don’t you? It’s not a gag, it’s to prevent her from biting through her tongue during one of the procedures”

“Hllllngh” Jessica struggled against her bonds “Hllllngh”

“That sounds like a cry for help...”

“I wouldn’t have thought so” Lilith gave Abigail one of her most charming smiles “One moment, if you will...”

Crossing the room, she leaned in towards Jessica “Shut the fuck up, you little slattern” she hissed in her ear “I was going to let you live, but if you carry on like this, you’ll suffer horribly before you die. Do you understand?”


“Good girl” Lilith patted her cheek and turned back to Abigail “I’m so glad you could come; after our last encounter, I wasn’t sure if you would”

Abi looked away at this, unable to meet her eye “I wasn’t going to, but Miss Emma said it was good to have friends in high places; she said you were someone worth knowing”

“Ms Gerrit is so very sweet”

“I didn’t want to do all them things” Abigail blurted “Those men, they... I...”

“Oh, we had fun, didn’t we?” Lilith smiled at the memories “I take it was your first time on rust and runes?”

“Yes, but -”

“Well, not to worry. You only get one life, so you must learn to enjoy it” Lilith crossed the room to the table and armchairs, set beside the fireplace “I’ve a bottle of wine here - Would you like a glass?”

Abigail looked sceptical “I seem to remember that’s how it all started last time”

“Nonsense, I promise I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do tonight. Let’s just have a chat and get to know each other. You must tell me the story about how you came to possess a real wooden violin...”

“So, you’re saying that this machine of yours can transfer memories?” Abigail looked up at the apparatus in wonder “How’s it work?”

“It’s... complicated. Among other things magnetism, high energy energy fields and an understanding of the nature of consciousness all help. More wine?”

“Thanks” Abigail waited while Lilith topped her glass up with last of their third bottle “Can it transfer feelings?”

“What, emotions? I’ve been trying to imprint love, but it’s proving tricky to pin down.”

“No, no - I mean physical stuff”

“Sensations?” Lilith frowned “That should be possible. I could bypass the phase relays to create an artificial link between two nervous systems with a force feedback mechanism...”

“I have no idea what you just said,” Abi grinned “but it sounded really clever”

“Oh, it is” Lilith breathed “I can see it all now...

“Have you ever wondered if everyone experiences the same taste of strawberries or wine?” she continued ”Or what it’s like to receive felatio?

“How would you like to experience someone else’s orgasm? We could do this - We can do it tonight!”

“Orgasms!?” Abi laughed “Felatio? You’re outrageous!”

“I’m also deadly serious, darling. We can do this. Do you want to be the first person in history to feel what someone else feels?”

“Oh, my word” Abigail’s hand flew to her mouth in surprise “You are serious!”

“Come here” Lilith grabbed Abigail’s free hand and pulled her towards the spare imprinting chair, opposite Jessica “You can be part of a scientific history - It’ll take only ten minutes to make the adjustments”

“Wait, wait - is this safe?” Abi laughed as she was strapped into the chair.

“Totally. Nothing can go wrong!”

Lilith busied herself with rerouting a dozen or more circuits and recalibrating the instrumentation “Nearly there” she called “Are you sitting comfortably?”

Jessica jerked awake with a low moan as the imprinter was lowered onto her head. The poor thing had endured enough these last few days, Lilith mused as she completed the relay bypass, and threw a selection of switches to reroute one of the wraith machines into a feedback loop. After she was done here tonight, she’d perform one last erasure and dump the woman out on the streets. With no idea who she was, or where she was from, she’d pose no risk to anyone and it would be easier than having to dispose of a body. True, the poor girl would probably have to resort to begging or prostitution to survive, but, Lilith reasoned, it was better than being dead.

“Are you ready to be part of history?” she asked as she lowered the imprinter down onto Abi’s head.

“Promise me nothing weird is going to happen”

“Don’t worry, darling. This is all perfectly safe”

Lilith fired up the apparatus.

“I... I can feel that thing in her mouth” Abigail shouted once the wraith machines were bought online “This is so weird. I can feel it making her jaw cramp”

Lilith drained the last of her glass and knelt down in front of Jessica “Can you feel this?” she slipped her hand beneath the woman’s skirt, and up the inside of her thigh, making her stiffen and groan angrily behind the gag.

“Yes. Yes, I can” Abi giggled “She hates it. She hates you”

“Ha - Let’s see if we can make her enjoy it!”

Lilith threw a selection of switches to set another of the wraith machines into a feedback pattern and tried again, this time, sliding her hand up, between Jessica’s legs.

“Oh fuck” Abi gasped “I can feel her - Oh -” she stiffened and let out a low moan of pleasure, mirroring the one made by Jessica as the sensation was routed backward and forward between the two women.

“You want more?” Lilith clacked a few lever switches down into place, bringing the primary transformer array online.

Jessica came noisily, closely followed by Abigail a second later. Their screams of pleasure audible above the apparatus, as the orgasm bounced between them, again and again, amplified at each turn.

As Abigail’s screams built to an ecstatic crescendo, Jessica began shuddering violently, her muscles bulging against the leather restraints, spittle flecking her chin. It was only when she suddenly slumped in her chair, as if someone had switched her off, that Lilith realised something may have gone wrong.

Abigail’s high pitched screams continued even after the apparatus had been deactivated and Lilith had to slap her repeatedly to get any sense whatsoever out of her.

“I can hear them” she eventually gasped “I felt her mind die. Oh, fuck” she squirmed in the chair “The pain was exquisite”

“I’m going to fix this, Abi” Lilith was, for a brief moment, uncertain of what to do. She checked Jessica’s pulse. Dead. Probably an aneurysm.

“That was so fucking hot” Abigail struggled against her bonds ”I want more. I can hear you!” she collapsed into a fit of hysterical giggling,

“Miss Rutlidge?”

“I want more!” Abi screamed, struggling violently against her bonds “More death! Fuck your mind with mine!”

It took another few minutes of this sort of raving before Lilith came to a decision. Erasure. The last three hours should do it - and new memories as well; she’d never know she was here.

“No, you fucking bitch!” Abigail shrieked “No! Fuck me! Fuck me you, fucking bitch!”

Lilith extracted the gag from Jessica and grimly forced it into Abi’s mouth.

Time to get to work.

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