Unobserved serendipity

- October 9th, The Sprawl, morning -

>she’s pretty. maybe i can use her as a bribe for the guards? she doesn’t look like she’s a carrier so they might go for it. i don’t care what they do to her - i just want out of here<

“Whurgh?” Abi croaked as her eyes flickered open.

“Oh, you’re awake?” a middle-aged man swam into view. Balding. Concerned-looking brown eyes “Take it easy now, love - You’ve had a nasty bump on the head”

Abi groaned as she sat up. Her head was pounding alright. She looked around the dirty, bare little room she was in, and at the man who had just spoken “Where am I?” she croaked “Who are you?”

The last thing she remembered was being attacked last night after she had chosen to ignore Miss Emma’s advice to visit that debauched freak at the university, and head into the Centrum instead.

The man smiled at her “I’m Freddy,” he said “and I’m afraid there’s no easy way to say this, but you’re in the the plague containment facility” >and all being well, you’re my ticket out of here, sweetie<

“What?” Abi frowned, confused

“The plague containment facility - in the Sprawl?”

“No - the bit about being your ticket out of here?”

“I never said a word” >what the fuck? how the fuck did she know?<

“You did - you called me ‘Sweetie’”

“Geez” Freddy scrambled back, away from her in alarm “What the fuck are you?”

“I’m Abi” she breathed.

Something about the man‘s fear had awoken something inside her; something primal and obscene. It was almost as if she could taste his terror; and it was deeply, deeply erotic.

“O-Okay” Freddy nervously licked his lips >what the fuck is going on here?< he wondered >can she really read my mind?<

“Mmm” Abi let out a low growl of pleasure “Yeah, that’s it”

>by the accord - there’s something not right here< Freddy had no idea what was going on here >but there’s something about her...<

“Do you want to fuck?”

Her proposal was as alarming as it was attractive, and in spite of himself, Freddy was already deeply aroused “I... I...” he spluttered.

“I want to fuck” Abigail prowled forward, her lips meeting his in a shiver of excitement, as one of her hands found his belt buckle and fumbled it open to begin unbuttoning his trousers.

>what am i doing?< Freddie’s mind screamed as she pushed him back onto the ground “I - I don’t - Oh, fuck” he gasped in pleasure as she guided him in “Oh fuck, no”

“You like that don’t you?” Abi breathed “I can feel you. I can feel it all”

Tears welled in her eyes as she began riding him; faster and faster, building to the climax.

“Oh, fuck yes” Freddy groaned with pleasure as she leaned forward to kiss his neck, her breath hot against his skin “I’m close…” he murmured “I -” he screamed in pain as Abigail bit down hard on his neck and tore out a mouthful of flesh, which she spat into his face.

Dizzy with pain and fear, he raised his hands to try and fend her off as blood gouted from the wound, but to his astonishment, something kept him from fighting too hard - He actually wanted this!

“Enjoy it, darling” her thumbs found his eyes; nails pushing inside and squeezing hard. They popped, and all Freddy could do was whimper in pleasure as Abigail ground her hips against him.

In the end, she choked the life out him in her final throes of ecstasy. His death a shared moment of exquisite pleasure as he expired on the floor beneath her.

It wasn’t enough for Abi.

More deaths would follow...

Some weird quirk of the earlier experimental failure has given Abigail telepathic powers - she has a limited ability to sense and influence other people's thoughts and will use this to get off on torturing and maiming people in the throes of ecstasy

At the moment, she’s in the plague containment area (hello, Edward!) but she probably won’t remain contained there for long...

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