The Breakout - Part I

7th October - The Sprawl - Beginning of Night

The time has finally come.

A huge explosion illuminated the streets of the northern part of the Sprawl.
Rufus and a few of the Hounds prepared a diversion. They stole some boxes of explosives, put them concealed inside a chariot and took it to the streets.
When the time determined by Phineas arrived, they set the thing on fire.

A huge column of fire and smoke was rising to the sky, the screams of panic and despair calling for aid was the final touch. Phineas was careful to aim that attack on a desert street, but close enough of the residences so that pure and true panic could be unleashed.
And the result was the expected : The militia was divided, a part of them moved from the compound in order to attend that emergency.

Meanwhile, the airships were moving to their designated positions. Three extraction points should be enough to move the prisoners. Was sad to be on Ophelia with the engines turned off. Such a waist of potential, of a powerful airship. Not even one of the beautiful blue lamps were lit, it was almost invisible in the black of the night.
Passing close to the compound, over one of the observation buildings, he jumped, with his armblade prepared (or arm pirate sword, like Rufus was calling his blade) and a knife in the other hand.
He fell on top of one of the officers that died without a hint of what just happened. Threading his blade deeper, he was aware that this first death was the point of no return.
By his side was another armed man that jumped scared when his friend was teared by someone that came out from nowhere. He was preparing the weapon to shoot Phineas when Tyberius also jumped from Ophelia, falling over him and slicing his back with a knife.

His airdogs were jumping over the roofs. He started to run, jumping from roof to roof, and finally jumped to the ground, behind two more soldiers.
He stuck his armblade in the back of the neck of the first, and when the second turned, he stuck the knife in his left eye, and then quickly removed the knife and stabbed a second time, now under his left ear, deep within the skull. Only when he finished this second strike that he pulled out the armblade from the first victim's head.

He could hear from here the screaming around the huge column of fire, far from the compound. His plan was working.

His men was moving in shadows, taking the soldiers, one by one. They should avoid gunfire until the last moment, things would had a better chance to end well like this.

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