The Breakout - Part III

7th October - The Sprawl - Night

Phineas was smiling now, but he couldn't hide his pain anymore.

Even with the aid of Crank's elixirs, he was staggering. But without them, he would probably be dead by now.

"Connor... Ha Ha! I don't know if the gods are smiling at me or pissing on my head.".

The captain moved softly, pointing the gun to the lock and firing. Sparks flew when the metal was destroyed with the impact. Then, with the sound of gears spinning and small bursts of steam, he opened the gate.

"If we make through this alive, you owe me a beer. And the history about how you ended with this bastard here." - said Phineas, pointing to Edward.

The almighty inquisitor was sick, somehow. Weak. That image was so different from what the captain could remember. That terrible day came to his mind, when Eli flew to the sky and disappeared within the storm.

Looking to his men, that were already opening another gates, and pointing to Connor - "Give this man a gun!" - and then turning to the old scoundrel - "We have little time, Connor. We have airships outside, my men will guide you to the extraction point of Ophelia. I will go deeper and search for Jebediah. We must free one of the ships the fastest we can... I believe that this will be necessary... If my terrorist side fells good enough, maybe I drop it over Paramount Hill... Ha Ha... Now... about him...".

Phineas was struggling with the situation. Was a strange and unpleasant surprise, but if that man was here, maybe he could be useful somehow. He was an enemy of the city, probably angered the nice bunch that are always licking the first citizen's balls.

He finally looked at one of the Hounds, a huge, muscular man with a menacing scar covering his right eye - "Ethan, I need your help here. You will carry this man to the extraction point. Take him directly to Dr. Crank. But be careful, he seems... fragile. And you, Connor, help the rest with the prisoners escort. I'll meet you soon.".

Ethan was obviously confused - "But, cap.... this isn't the high inquis-" - and was interrupted by Phineas :
"Yeah. He is. Take him... we discuss that later. Every single soul must leave this shithole today. And don't make me that face, it looks like someone stuck a gun up your ass!".

Taking a deep breath, he prepared Jenny and Sally for another round, and went deeper into the compound.

They were running out of time... retaliation would be upon them shortly...

He was greeted by more soldiers that he shot dead quickly. There was some prisoners and members of his gang dead around the place as well.

He was laughing softly now.. whispering - "You fuck someone by the morning, and the life fucks you back by night...

He reached the last part of the compound, and finally met his old mentor. He was injured, what those bastards did to him?
He shot the gate, and was hit by relief when Jebediah jumped scared of the noise.

But his relief did not last long. Someone grabbed him. A soldier, the biggest soldier he ever met. He was waiting in the shadows and the debilitated Phineas did not notice his presence.
The captain was thrown against the wall, losing the grip of his guns. All the air left his lungs and the room was spinning. Without time to breath, the soldier came and kicked him in the face, then raised him, punched him several times in the stomach and then threw him on the wall again.

On the ground, Phineas gathered all his strength and kicked the soldier's right knee, breaking it.
The enemy fell, screaming in pain. It was the perfect timing to the captain grab his head and thrust the armblade under his maw, the point coming out from the top of the head.

He reached for his guns in the exact moment that other three soldiers entered the room. Still lying down, he managed to shoot them all.
And suddenly, silence. He was lying in the floor, with the gun over his chest, eyes closed, drooling blood, a heavy breathing - "Jebediah! Are you alright?".

The old man answered from his cell - "Y... Y... Yes, Phineas... Yes... we need to move on...".

Phineas started to laugh - "Gosh... I'm rescuing Captain Obvious.".

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