The Breakout - Part IV

7th October - The Sprawl - Night

Captain Steelheart left the compound, holding Jebediah's arm.

He was divided with feelings of resolution and failure. This only got worse by the vision of one of the airships burning in the ground.

Close to him, Crank was screaming - "Quick, quick captain! They have a HUGE tank in there, they will destroy all the airships if we don't leave right now!".

But the damn weapon was already preparing to fire again. If they simply tried to escape, they would die.

"Doc... that lightning cannon that you built in my new arm... how strong it is?" - said Phineas, studying the mechanical monster in front of him.

The doctor shook his head a few times - "Its an arc-pylon of transversal..." - but he was interrupted abruptly.
"Just answer, please... I don't need the technical crap right now!!!".

The doctor took a deep breath - "Captain, it is very powerful, very destructive, but for sure it will do nothing to that tank. It can blow wooden structures, armored soldiers, but not a full metal behemoth from hell!".

Phineas was smilling. Finally, some sense of humor in that mad scientist - "But, what if, this archpython was fired INSIDE the cannon of that thing?".

Crank was scared even with the thought of that. They both almost fell to the ground when the remains of the old airship exploded, the fire and the screams were making Fitzgerald think that hell could really exist after all.
"Well... captain... first, this is called arc-pylon. Second, this would be extremely effective, but, unfortunately, this also would obliterate not only the tank, but everything around it. This includes YOU!".

Phineas started to reload his gun. He could swear that he was hearing that ghostly girl whispering, like "you're almost home". So, it seems... his home would be a huge ball of fire.

"Being like that, this is a goodbye, my dear friend... take Jebediah... engage Ophelia, leave with all the souls that you can take with you.".

The doctor was in panic, starting to cry - "No... No Phineas... you don't need to do this... we can make it... we already have Jebediah and a lot of others...".

"Yes, Fitz... I have to do this. That monstrosity will fire soon, no one will leave this place. Take good care of Ophelia... leave the city. You will have the aid of Jebediah and if that scoundrel is alive, Rufus will help as well. And don't forget our friend Connor. When the time is right, come back and burn Paramount Hill. Change its name to Steelheart Hill, would you?".

Without any more words, he started to run, the best he could. His leg was burning, he was trying his best to avoid limping. His shoulder was burning just the same, and he probably had some broken ribs.

In his head, he could hear again - "you are almost home".
"Shut the fuck up, witch. Get out of my head."

He gave a few shots in the middle of his run, taking down a few more of the soldiers which were between him and the tank. He heard, even in the middle of that chaos, Ophelia's engines turning on. That was beautiful to him... like a song.

Shooting one more soldier in the head, he exclaimed - "Yes... yes... what a lovely day.".

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