From Dreams To Nightmares

7th October - The Sprawl - Night

"We take him home.".

The words echoed within Phineas' mind, painfully bringing him back, awake enough to feel the pain from his injuries. He was shot, broken, burned.
His sole reason for being alive was the elixirs and his strong will.

"This voice..." - he started, struggling to stay awake - "... are you the witch that is haunting me? What do you want..." - but he saw his rescuer falling, while two others were taking her place. She was on the ground, so fragile if compared to the warrior that carried him a few seconds ago.
But she was a sight for sore eyes.

"Hey, girls... tell me... she is not married, is she?" - said the captain, using his last ounce of strength in order to accomplish this, embracing darkness right after the last word.

He opened his eyes, lying in a bed of silk. The room was golden, with the strong smell of flowers.
He tried his best to get up, but he could not.
"I'm dreaming again... Gosh... Ophelia... Crank... they made it?".

He felt the cold presence next to him. That dark lady, whispering things that he could not understand.
"... through different paths... find home... fear and accomplishment...".

He fought, will all his strength, avoiding the ghostly visage by his side, and the smell of flowers slowly turned to the stench of blood.

He began to fell all the pain again while waking up once more, vomiting blood.
For how long he was out, he was unsure. And he couldn't recognize that place.

Even worried about Ophelia's fate, he could not help but laugh while thinking on how that event would upset the snobs ruling the city. But this made his broken ribs burn.

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