A most awkward reunion

Through the hustle and bustle of workers stalked a hunched man, a cloth doing nothing to hide the person's mishappen back.
Other than a few odd looks, the disguise went unnoticed.
Ducking into a dark corner, he met a large man.
"Alright, you got the men from your shipment deal?"
Fiasco nodded, motioning with a shoulder to those gathered behind him.
One of the men, a scraggly man like Tesla, stood forward.
"Fiasco 'xplained the whole deal, we can ship you over no problem. Can't see why you'd want to though."
The men were told to work the engine, hidden from the sight of possible prying eyes.
*Several days later*
The train pulled into the station, locking into place for workers to load up ore.
As the men got off to help, two vanished into the shadows and made thier way to their old home.
Standing in front of a leaning shack, the men stalled.
"You think we can survive this?........ As always, your silence is reassuring."
As the two stood, someone appeared in the door way.
"Well by the Delve, two men I thought to never see again."
"Hey...Phyz. We were hoping you could help us."
A dark glare came to the massive man's face, a heavy silence in the space between them.
"I'll hear you out, get your asses inside."

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