OOC - Welcome Red_Sword7

Welcome aboard RS7 following this post I will activate you character so you can begin posting. I will also drop you a quick e-mail regarding how you wish to start etc.

As a quick guide I am sure you would have picked up that this is an open world with a long post format. we allow limited God modding with the intent of moving the story along and avoiding post blocking. The posting rate is in line with your stated preference.

The Delve and Elesium are off limits until revealed by world events. Should you wish to pursue a plot which touches on either just drop myself or Winter a line to make sure nothing game breaking is written :) The Maelstrom is an impassable barrier to the world above and the Darklands are devoid of all life.

It is a great time for a military character to be joining with the Elesians invading the city. Right now there is a great deal of confusion as the Elesian troops subdue the city and depending on you preference you may start your character in a pocket of resistance like the Roost fighting off the invaders or working alongside them elsewhere having accepted their authority.

Have fun!!

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