What a treble loss

7th October- plague compound battle

Alex was in his room when it happened the explosion rock the city. He instinctively jumped to his feet and reached for his pistols pulling them out form his holsters he walked to the window and looked out. Seeing the glow from near the compound Alex knew there was trouble, but it was not his problem or his command anymore. The room light up again stuff in the room shook Alex turned and glanced out the window. He gave a sigh then turned to the bed talking to himself. “Bloody day, we are in trouble.” He walked over to his bed and pulled out a wooden suitcase. He opened it pulling out two trench knifes two more pistols with their holsters. He slides the knifes in to his boots and strapped on his shoulder holsters on and placing the smaller pistols in his belt behind him he grabbed a box of ammo and slipped it in to his trench coat as he put it on. Alex looked in to the mirror as he walked to the door making sure most of his weapons were concealed. Walking out the door he locked it.

8th and 9th October- The Steam works area

Moving from place to place and watching the streets Alex was trying to find out what was going on. There were all kinds of stories but no real information on what or who was behind the 7th explosions. He looked for two days with no real luck whoever it was had strong connections. He knows the underground and someone ells were behind it. Alex stops at a Restaurant going in he ordered some coffee and toast sitting waiting on it he could not get rid of the feeling something bigger was coming.

10Th October-Steam works area- early morning.

the screams of panic and despair calling for aid was what most people were doing the building all around were on fire and crumbling. The attack on a street, but close enough of the residences so that pure and true panic could be unleashed. The ran like rats looking for cover. Alex was hiding again for the troops. The militia was divided, a part of them moved from the compound in order to attend that emergency the others fighting. Alex was watching from a roof he had been up for a day now fighting the Elesian invaders. He had meet up with some of his old friends Captain Frasier and a company of Cavalry and Captain Thomas of the artillery. They have been doing strikes for a day now trying to hold back the Elesian invaders. Things were not looking good as night fall on the city.

10th October- The Steam works area- late morning.

The morning shows the destruction of the battles for the last few days smoke billowed continued from the shattered airship and the surrounding building caught in the fighting. Men, woman and children were laying everywhere the dead were stacking up as bodies got collected. Their bodies having horrific wounds bodies twisted burnt parts of them placed be side others. City Dwellers and soldiers could truly be sacrificed in this way. He watched the wagons come and go carting the people away to be disposed of “what a treble loss” he said to himself. Captain Frasier and and Captain Thomas of were dead there units wiped out.

All the bodies combined soldiers, rebels and prisoners people in white gowns from the hospital as well. The smell of burnt flesh and dead people was think in the air. He scanned around trying to get the number of troops and their movement. He made his map and wrote the troop movements down in his piece of paper he moved around the roof making sure not to be seen. He did one last sweep and headed for the stars. He opened the door and walk down the hallway to a window and climbed out on to the fire escape. Alex crouched there looking making sure the cost was clear. He waited just for a moment then started down the fire escape. Moving down the alleyway he was quiet sticking to the shadows. He arrives close to the street he saw the two Elesian solders standing with their back to him they were watching the street.

Alex moved closer then ducked down behind some garbage. He saw a cat walking his way “here kitty I need you” he whispered to himself. the cat close and got close before it knew it he swung at it striking it hitting it. the cat flew in to the wall on the other side with a loud screech and hiss. The two Elesian solders tuned to look at the cat. Alex pulled his trench knifes out from his boots and waited. Walking down the alleyway the slid their rifles off their shoulder and pointed them in the direction of the cat. Unexpectedly the cat jumped and ran down the alley the two Elesian laughed and turned joking with one another. Alex jump up and thrusted his first knife in to the man’s back just below his neck the 8inch blade went almost right though him. The man gurgled as he went down the other turned around in surprise. Alex struck his rifle with his metal arm the rifle muzzle went in to the air. Alex jabbed with his knife quickly many times. The Elesian soldier eyes widened as blood start flowing down his shirt. Alex lade him down on the ground and dragged him to the alley side and covered him in trash. Alex looked back in to the alleyway he could not see the bodies. He started down the street.

He walked for about an hour he was exhausted. He arrived at unlocking door he walked in closing the door behind him. Alex walk over to his bed and just fell on it. He could hear the city noises outside all the death and destruction was it all necessary. Why did all those people had to die, there was no way to rationalize it. He knew what comes next, he would have to go underground and maybe start a resistances group. How many more people would have to die to get freedom. His eyes closed as he fell asleep.

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