OOC - Game Update : 10th October 509.AE

10th October 509.A.E. The Elesians have landed and the City is in chaos. The flying city has sent its own regent to bring Dusk to order and secure the vital supply of Flagesium to the world above. How will the people of Dusk and Greymire react to their new overlords?

Character Status :

Alex Dewer - Sprawl Apartment, considering his options
Captain Phineas Steelheart - Sneaking back into the Roost
Lilith Dawkins - West Twins, Ironhallow University - Preparing to experiment on Westley Corbet
Edward Hanton - In the custody of the Elesian Order
Tate Montclaire - With his father at the Peoples Palace
Jessy Dressner - Captured by the Cyrus Anvil
Stella Poole-Corbet - The Peoples Palace
Tesla - Graymire - Gathering forces
Fiasco - Graymire - Gathering forces
Enoch Solomon Fordman - Somewhere in the City


Cain - Unknown
Emily Roezell - The Centrum
Franklin Tullerson - The Roost, wittnessing events
Lina Kelgorian - The Roost, wittnessing events
First Citizen Josiah Hazard - The Peoples Palace
Benjamin Thomas Montclaire - The Peoples Palace
Serenity Montclaire - The Peoples Palace
Marshall Maynard Benedict Fordman - The Peoples Palace
Diana Montclaire - Captured by the Cyrus Anvil
Westley Corbet - Prisoner, The Black Gallows Clinic
Abigail Rutledge - The Lady's Grace, Rose District
Emma Gerrit - The Lady's Grace, Rose District
Connor Lewis - The Lady's Grace, Rose District
Cyrus Anvil - The Rose District
Inspector Randall Oaks - Graymire, hunting for Morty
Mavromichali Mortimer - Graymire, in hiding

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