Open eyes

10th October- Sprawl Apartment- late afternoon

He opened his eyes looking around the room he thought about everything as all the what he had seen hit him hard. Alex sat up in bed and looked out the window it had to be late afternoon. He had to make a dissection on what he wanted to do. He could join the Elesian or fight them as it stood they have taken the city and Alex knew that. He got off the bed and moved over to his dresser he pulled out his weapons and put them back in to the box along with the holsters and sheaths. He looked I to the mirror and saw his reflection he was a mess. He opened his dresser doors and pulled out some clothing and his towel. Alex walked through a door on the other side of the room in to the bath room. He ran his bath the water was not that hot, but it was better than freezing water. After getting in to the bath tub he laid there thinking of his next move.

He would have to see how the city fell in to place with the new administration. If the people did not want to fight back, then he would not to be able to do much. After a good cleaning Alex got out of the tub and toweled off he dressed and strolled out in to his bed room. Walking back over to his chest he pulled one Hartford London Colt Army pistol out and tucked it in to the back of his pants in a holster. He spent time cleaning the others weapons then put them away. He felt very frustrated about the whole situation. If his old Marshall dose join the other side Alex knew he would have to move fast he would have about 24 hours be for they come knocking on this door. He looked around the room and grunted “Pack now question later” he said to himself. After packing he went down stairs to the dining Room there was not a lot people there. He took a seat at a table and looked out the window waiting for his order to be taken. What was next to come he thought to himself,

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