The Brains of the Operation

The journey through Graymire was filled with fighting, robots quelling the growing rebellion, the rebels almost literally throwing themselves against their enemy.
The trio did their best to avoid the major battles, sneaking through their old pathways to reach their goal.
"You sure she still lives here? I would have assumed she would have died in a fight."
Phyz rolled his eyes, holding back the urge to hit his shoulder.
"No luck for ya Tez, though you may be spared her wrath if she sees you first."
"I was wondering if you had noticed."
Phyz held up a hand to end the conversation, the group pressing against the alley wall as a metal man strolled past.
"Her house is close by, hopefully she had the sense to stay out of it."
"You know me better than that Phyz, old age has tempered my anger."
Jumping in surprise, the men nearly fell into the street as they faced the woman behind them.
"And you are wrong, the coils are a surprise true, but I still want to throw his worthless ass to the robots."
Tesla got to his feet and walked to a safe distance.
"Hey, Syren. We were wondering if you were free to revive the gang?"
Raising an brow, Syren looked to the others.
"Fiasco, please tell me his insanity has gotten worse, otherwise I swear to the Delve I will kill him."
Fiasco cautiously nodded to confirm this, not wanting to get on her bad side.
Breathing a heavy sigh, Syren held her forehead in one hand.
"Fine, I guess I can help, just fill me in on what in the Maelstrom happened to your back."

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