Picking up

~The Sprawl~
An odd silence hung through the streets, being broken only by the occasional sound of retaliation and the swift action of Elysium's forces. In the shadows of the deserted district, survivors dove between shadows in order to avoid being found.
A metal man strode through such a street, its autonomous steps echoing. Behind it, a group followed nervously, armed with various weapons.
"Are you sure the Rising Star survived the attack?"
The cultist leading the way didn't break his stride, nor did he look to Nichola to answer.
"They are our only hope ma'am, if they were destroyed, then hopefully there will be supplies."
Nichola was impressed with the man's mental state, she had just seen him run madly into a group of human soldiers during their escape, but now he was calm and collected.
The blur that was escaping their home was still going through Nicholas' mind in slow motion. After the robot was brought back, it had acted as a shield against enemies that saw that it had been tampered with. After her group had found an exit, those that had survived activated a device that Fiasco had rigged under the structure.
Looking back, the massive plume of smoke meant that the fire had died down, ash and slag being all that remained.
Nearing the closest Rising Star hideout, Nichola commanded the robot to stand guard, it obediently moving to the side of the street and standing along the wall.
Although she didn't know the proper code for entrance, she hoped that they were not going to be picky at the moment, giving a few hard bangs on the door. The mailbox slit opened and a voice spoke.
"Who is there?"
"I am Nichola, I lead the Cult of Tesla and seek aid."
The flap closed and a series of locks could be heard being undone. As it opened, a woman appeared, arms raised in surrender.
"You will not find aid here, we barely have enough for several days."
Nichola recognised her, she was seen with Fiasco often, apparently his right hand man(so to speak).
"Where is Fiasco, it wouldn't be like him to avoid a good fight."
The woman gave a stern glare before reluctantly answering.
"He is in Graymire, with Tesla I presume if he is not here."
Moving aside, the agent allowed the cultists to enter.
"Do the metal men just stand there now?"
"No, it is with us."
Glaring at the robot, the women finally relaxed and closed the door.

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