A Secret War

11th October - Hall of War, Paramount Hill - Afternoon

Maynard stood hands clasped behind his back and his eagle eyed gaze surveying the cityscape from his office window. The Maelstrom churned above it all like a hungry beast, eager to devour the City beneath.

In the distance he could see the great Elesian airships gathered around the Roost. All that power and technology, close enough to touch. It was a dream come true. Plans were already formulating in his mind, but now was not the time to move.

Dusk had more man power, the Elesians had less than two thousand troops spread accross Dusk and Graymire while the combined might of the Militia and various security forces was five times that. When the time was right they would seize the technology and take the war to Elesium. A grand revolution with Maynard at its head. An empire run with military precision and discipline. He could almost taste it.

There came a knock at the door. "Come in." The Marshall called out without turning.

"Sir." Came the voice of his subordinate.

"Have the new arrangements been put in place?" Maynard asked.

"Yes sir," came the reply, "As per the Regents command the Militia and City Watch have been reordered into a combined security force under the direct supervision of the Elesian command. Government secret services have been disbanded and operatives held under house arrest pending a judicial review. The Iron Haven Accademy is currently being repurposed to serve as a military training facility."

"Very good." Maynard said in a near whisper. He had to admit these developments were to his liking. He had even been allowed to maintain control of the Roost.

"Sir have you had chance to review the files?"

Maynard turned and glanced down at the box of files on his desk. Nearly five hundred members of the militia AWOL. Without a doubt some were dead but if only a few hundred remained. Trained soldiers beneath the radar of the Elesian Order and perhaps still loyal to the City? He absently plucked one of the files from the box and flipped it open. Alexander Dewer the name read. With just a handful of men like Alexander he could achieve a great deal. He handed the file over to his officer with a grim smile.

"Find as many as you can and gather them.. discretely. We need plausable deniability if this goes wrong."

"To what end sir?"

Maynard hesitated before answering. If he could not trust his officers he was already lost. "To the only end worth fighting for. We are going to take Elesium from their cold dead hands."

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