Knocking on Heaven's Door

11th October - Streets of Dusk - Evening

The cab rocked to the side as it rolled over a rock or two. Jessy paused a moment and wrapped the cloak tighter around her shivering body. Majority of the girls had been stripped down to nothing but their underwear, a form of humiliation from what she understood, for hours. Those hours became days. A few of the girls even came down with some sickness and were quickly removed. In fact, she couldn't remember a time when they were dirtied and freezing in a dark, damp shithole, so none of it was surprising.

One of the Red Crew agents had humbly sacrificed their cloak to cover her as did some for the other girls. Her eyes lingered on nothing and she spoke with a cracked lip, tears streaking down her bruised cheek. But even then, all emotion was absent from her face. Her smudged, tear stained face.

"There is no where for me to go."

"Surely there's somewhere? I must deliver you to safety," the man offered a grim-- but kind --smile. Jessy simply shook her head. Daybreak was all she had and the only time she'd be willing to go back would be to light it ablaze. It was a permanent jail cell sizzling in the middle of some hellish reality. It was every kids' hell, a nightmare they were never safe from. No amount of kicking and squirming would get their eyes open. But it didn't matter anymore. Both her and Cerise had nowhere to go and worst of all they were separated quite possibly for life. It all happened so fast, a vicious blur that let her believe she had saviors. And they did save her, but she was far from safe. The streets were no place for anyone. And with no pay what was she to do?

"I have no family to find. Just let me off at an alley so I can sleep."

"Uh-uh," the driver shook his head. "You're gonna be taken somewhere decent where you can find refuge for the time being. There's always one place you can go."

She looked to him confused and her eyes squinted. "Where wou- Enoch? What reason would he have to take care of me? I'm just trouble."
The driver said no more and from the silence hovering between them she could feel the shift in direction as they made a sharp turn.

"Can you even do something like that? It's not worth the risk."

Said we should take you where ever you want and see you safe.

Being with him was probably the safest she could come to in Dusk and to be honest it was the only place she could imagine being. Where she wanted to go. But she was well underdressed for the situation. Gods, she was barely dressed at all.
She could fit in an live with any other street rat if she were to choose. That's what she was, after all, a filthy rat that was the runt of the family who was always exposed, beaten, and put down at the hands of others. Snuffed out at the snap of a finger. She knew the fire was what she was known for, but what good would that do in a situation like this? There was only one means of survival and it relied mostly on the women who lay on their backs for a living. If all else failed, some brothel would surely take in a new worker. Degrading to say the least, but better than starving into a skeleton and sleeping on the ground with diseased rodents. Or was it..? No attitude can help you escape from the truth.

Without speaking it was settled and before long Jessy was released onto a doorstep in the dark with the dimmest of candles placed above, citing an address.
And so it seemed, she would face Enoch Solomon again. A man who'd saved her brother and given her life some meaning, even if it was temporary. At least Carter had a place to be, where he could live and grow and have a real life.
Something she feared she'd never find. And she feared never seeing him again.

Oh gods don't let it be true?

Any of it..

What am I doing wrong?


Jessy's thin fingers crept from under the cloak, bony and discolored, rapping against the wood two times, almost three, but it was all the strength she had left in her body. The girl was barely able to keep herself supported on the doorframe and she was ready to cry at any moment.

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