An hour had passed as the group was brought up to date. Syren remained as she had, arms crossed and a glare that made Tesla's throat dry.
"You really went off eh? And where is this grand cult of yours?"
This made Tesla think of Dusk for the first time since his arrival.
"Well, to my best knowledge, dead."
Fiasco looked towards him, though what expression he had was blocked by his mask.
"Don't start with me! They were my friends, but I only have to assume it's what happened."
Phyz and Syren traded looks of confusion. It had been a long time since dealing with these two. Phyz stepped between them to end to current interruption.
"Calm down! Is there anyone else you had in mind for this idea of yours?"
Tesla began fidgeting as he tried to think, spouting random thoughts as he did so. If it were anyone else, Phyz would have called him a loon and kicked him away.
He didn't quite feel like kicking Tesla though.
"Fitz!! He was always the second brain of this meat slab!"
Silence filled the alley, Phyz and Syren quickly becoming very uncomfortable.
"Tez. Fitz was sent to the Delve years ago. I heard he was alive, but there is no way to find him down there, not without us actually looking ourselves."
Tesla looked to the ground, back in his mind.
"Well that solves it then, we make a trip of it!"
Fiasco dropped his face into his palms, Phyz and Syren looking at Tesla with shock.
"You are insane! No one comes out of the Delve, not even the dead!"
Standing from his seat, Tesla looked at the others with a deranged glee.
"No one comes out of the Delve and Elysium would never attack us lowly folk. It seems the time for change is now!"
Walking past them, he began to poorly whistle an odd tune.
The trio looked at each other with silent resignation. Syren glared at the two men.
"You just had to come find me."

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