Introduction at the Table.

She strutted over to his table and saw him looking over the menu. “Welcome to the Wonky Don-key, formerly known as The Three Legged Mare. My name is Zelda.” She leaned over to point out one article of cuisine in particular. “All dishes are tasty and filling, or so I’ve been told, but I’d suggest steering clear of the sausage.” She cupped one side of her mouth with her hand and whispered, “We don’t serve it often, thankfully.” She stood up straight and beamed at him. “If you opted for a liquid lunch you wouldn’t be the first and I’m not here to judge.”

Alex, looks up from the menu. “I will have the chicken soup, coffee, and toast.” He answers. Then he looks at the waitress closer almost looking thought her his eyes light up some. “Zelda the Dancer” Alex said questionably. “My family really likes your performances” then he looks down back at the menu. He grumbles to himself. “O sorry” He said quietly. I am trying to stay out of site and now I have giving my standing away and embarrass you, forgive me, Mis Zelda” He said sincerely. He looked back up at her asking how are the thing going at the theater, How rued of me I am Alex Dewer ” Alex said at a whisper.

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