Talk off your Ear and Work off my Butt

- 11th October, The Wonky Donkey, Midday -

“No no, it’s quite alright, Mr. Dewer,” Zelda assured the man enthusiastically, only too happy to be recognized for something more than her current role as the bringer of beverages. “I’m not embarrassed to be earning a wage dancing between tables instead of props. I would prefer to be on stage, of course, but between you and I the money is about the same and my poor feet don’t miss the twelve hours of daily practice.” Zelda looked up to see another thirsty patron desperately beset by an empty mug. If he kept drinking at this pace he would indeed be besot. “Would you excuse me for a moment?”

The small woman went about placing Alex’ lunch order and bringing him a coffee then served those all important adult beverages to the dry-mouthed gentry of the Wonky Donkey. By then that chicken soup and toast was up and she brought it to Mr. Dewer with a large slab of butter. “If you don’t mind listening to me go on while you eat I’d be happy to bring you up to speed on matters of the Theater. You’re sure you don’t mind? Splendid.” Zelda had to fight the impulse to grab a seat at the table, she was after all on the clock. Instead she leaned against the chair and went into detail about the damage done to the theater itself during the Regent’s landing and the uncertain future for the arts under the new authority. All said it was not terribly exciting talk or news unless you were one to get terribly excited about performance arts, which Zelda was and did as evidenced by the rising pitch and tempo of her voice. Her dramatic account of the sad state of things was occasionally interrupted by her duties as a virtuous serving wench, but she managed to get it all out and on the table so to speak just as Alex was finishing his meal.

“I’m sorry, I should not have prattled your ear off while you were busy keeping out of sight.” Zelda looked around and leaned in conspiratorially, “Why exactly are you keeping out of sight?”

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