Tense Alliance

The group remained tense after the direct question, the balls on the man we're quite large apparently, he even wore a smug grin.
"The man you want is in the mask, though if you have questions, you won't get an answer from him. I speak for him."
Tesla held his hand out, several minutes passing with no one taking the gesture.
"Enough introductions until we reach the camps, we can rest there for a time before going to the Delve."
Oaks and Gabriel were left with rather sour faces, but remained in silence.
The landscape was surprisingly more dismal than in Graymire. A ramshackle wall could be seen in the distance, wrapping around Graymire, beyond was the Darklands.
Phyz took a place next to Syren as they traveled.
"So, when did the Ashen begin recruiting outsiders?"
Giving a smirk, she shook her head.
"I always dealt with them, you know that, well, one day I uh.... Found my mother. Or so she claims, but long story short, tradition demanded I go through a trial. Mother or not, I am immune to Flagesium blight, so I guess I was Ashen all along."
Still confused, Phyz shook his head anyway so as to not pry.
Syren elbowed his side.
"Don't worry, I won't be disappearing into the Darklands anytime soon."
Phyz smiled, looking ahead of them and pointing.
"Are those the camps?"
In the distance, lights could be seen, vast areas of the sector inhabited by these outcasts.
"Only a few more hours, then we can meet and greet."

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