Spider Bite

11th October, The BlackGallows, Midnight

Mr Herman walked down the dark corridor towards his office. The only sound came from the sharp tap of his boots against the stone. He came to his door finding it ajar and froze. Who had been here? The Black Gallows was near to deserted following the reorganisation. Prisoners had either been drafted into the army or shipped off to the Delve and the staff had been absorbed into the Regents new security force. His own place in it all was currently uncertain.

Slowly, carefully, he pushed open the door and stepped inside. It was near pitch black but he could sense the pressence of another within. He made to leave and the door slammed shut behind him. Throwing him forward.

"So glad you could join us?" Came a familiar voice from the darkness. Mr Herman steadied himself by the gripping the desk and thought frantically for a way out.

There came a soft click in the darkness and a dull yellow lamp revealed the figure of Edward Hanton. He was sitting calmly, his hands clasped accross his lap and a wry smile on his face.

"You... you were dead?"

"Was I? Asked Edward in mock surprise, "I don't feel dead, though I must admit I am not feeling quite myself of late."

Mr Herman remembered his gun then and scrambled to pull his pistol free, levelling it at Edwards head with shaking hands.

"Now now Mr Herman, there is no need for that. After all it was you who betrayed me and do you see me waving a gun around?"

"You need to go," Mr Herman screeched, "Get up!"

Edward did not stand. Instead he waved his right hand and a sudden blur of movement nudged Mr Herman to one side and a huge iron fist enclosed both his hand and weapon in a vice like grip.

Mr Herman was forced to turn then and found himself staring up into the eyes of a hulking automaton. He struggled but to no avail. Edward stood and in response to another silent gesture the mechan began to lift Mr Herman into the air.

"Do you like him?" Edward asked, "He was a gift from the Regent. Not as cumbersom as the Tin Men they have deployed out in the City. The eyes of the mechan blazed with a green light as Mr Hermans feet dangled a foot above the ground.

Edward walked around to face him. He looked up shaking his head and gave the Mechan a pat on the arm. The Mechan began to squeeze and Mr Herman screamed. Ignoring the sound Edward spoke,

"This is the end for you I am afraid High Inquisitor."

Mr Hermon could feel his bones breaking under the pressure.

"You may keep the title, I will find another." Edward continued as the metal of the pistol pressed into his flesh and began to tear it. He kicked out at Edward and his giant metal servant but it was useless.

"I was so angry with you," Edward said, "but now we come to it I find myself eager to be done with you." The weapon discharged sending plaster spraying down from the ceiling. Edward brushed it from his coat and stepped back as Mr Hermans fell to the ground, the bloody pulp of his hand and weapon still held aloft by the mechan.

He lay on the ground whimpering as Edward crouched over him. He had a look of mild curiosity on his face. The Mechan stepped forward and brought a heavy foot to rest on Mr Hermans chest.

"It is time to say goodbye now." Edward smiled down at him as he struggled weakly beneath the weight of the machine man. Edward straightened and walked to the door. He opened it slowly.

"Wait... wait I.."

"Goodbye Mister Herman." Edward stood long enough to hear the sickening crunch before leaving. His new pet following close behind.

The Ironholm University, Early morning

Edward knocked twice on the door of the laboratory. When no answer came he considered having his Mechan assistant break it down, but the light padding of footsteps from the other side stayed his hand.

He listened to the shifting of bolt and then the lifting of a latch before the door slowly opened inwards. Lilith blinked up at him in surprise and then seeing his hulking metal companion she took an involuntary step back. Edward jammed his foot in the door to prevent her from closing it.

"I thought you were dead." She hissed.

"There is alot of that going around." He replied, "now let me in before I get angry."

Sparing a worried glance for the Mechan she did as she was ordered and stepped back from the door. Edward entered and looked around the room. Everything was in boxes.

"Going somewhere?" He asked and she released a sigh,

"The new regent is clamping down and..." she looked suddenly worried and Edward laughed.

"No I am not here to bring you in." He assured her, "I am here to conclude our business."

"Westley?" She asked.

"The very same. Have you perfected the procedure?"

"I have made astounding progress." She evaded a direct answer and it was not lost on him. He shook his head dismissing his concerns.

"It must been done tomorrow night. It must look like a break out and once the procedure is complete you are to set him loose in the Centrum."

"I will need men, and assistance reassembling all of this." She gestured around the room. He waved the concerns away.

"What ever you need, just see it done."

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