Ashen Hospitality

Weary from the travel, the group did not question the looks given by those they passed. Syren stopped at the gate of the closest encampment. As the guard opened a window to confront them, Syren revealed her tattoos again and began a conversation with him. the language used was lost on the others, but soon the gate opened and they were herded inside.
"They will find the guide who will take us down, for now we can rest and get some food."
Oaks was glad to hear this, the sooner he could leave this blasted place.
"How long until the guide arrives, I would prefer not to spend a night amongst the Ashen."
Syren gave a dirty look, but held her tongue. She led the group through the encampment until they reached a small campfire. A woman sat near, stirring a pot with a soup inside.
Another conversation in the cryptic tongue left the group with several bowls. Sitting near the fire, everyone was able to relax.
"Eat what you can, but do not stuff yourselves. The trip goes through the Darklands and the wastes have varied effects on Non-Ashen."
Before questions could be asked, the others were encouraged to eat. Silence filled the camp as the surprisingly edible food was eaten, interrupted only by the arrival of the guide.
"I apologize for the wait, only a few more preparations need to be made then we can leave at your leisure."

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