The guide stood there waiting. A tall man even for the Ashen. His torso bare besides the intricate tattoos that decorated his body. For a moment nobody moved as they all turned thier eyes to Oaks and Gabriel.

"Whats wrong?" Oaks aksed.

"They are deciding whether to kill us or take us with them." Gabriel answered with a grim smile.

"Clever boy." Syren laughed. "I like him."

"You have famously low standards." Tesla replied with a smirk and was forced to duck out of the way of a back handed swipe from the woman.

"You say you are seeking my friend here and presumably a way into the Delve... why?"

"We seek an outlaw scientist." Oaks explained.

"Dusk law ends at the wall." Syren said waving her hand in the General direction of Graymire. "Why should we care?"

"This man experiments on children. He steals them from the streets and some never return."

"The grey haired tinker..." The guide murmered, his face etched with disgust.

"Silence." Syren spat just as Oaks blurted out, "You have seen him?"

"My tongue is my own woman." The Ashen guide growled and Syren stood to face him, a knife suddenly appearingin her hand.

There was a loud thump and Fiasco struck the table and they all turned to look at the masked man. He glared at them each in turn until his eyes met those of Tesla. He gave a brief nod and Tesla barked a laugh.

"You soft hearted fool." He chuckled, "We will help you get in, and then you are on your own with our best regards."

Fiasco gave another nod, happy with the arrangement.

"Thank you."Oaks managed before they were all rising and moving outside into the night. A pile of gear had been laid on the ground. Breathers, supplies and weapons.

"We must move quickly." Their guide said, "once in the open lands our life can be counted as the sand in a glass."

"What about these tags." Gabriel aksed scratching the wound on his arm where the Elesian implant had been inserted, "can we remove them?"

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